Hurikamuy Holonobe - A test of Endurance

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Last week saw the organization of a Japanese snowkite endurance race in the North of the country. The event is known as “Hurikamuy Holonobe”, Hurikamuy is the name of Ainu - the north island aborigine’s mythology monster bird. The race spot was located at Salobetsu marsh in Holonobe town. We made a 7km triangle course and competitors had to complete 5 laps, competing against the time over the 35 km distance. Because of irregular south east light wind, competitors suffered with the pretty soft powder. After 3 hours of racing the 1st rider, Nagahiro Kyohei completed the 35km course with his R1V2 13m.
Because of really light conditions, the only other rider to finish within the timeframe was Ohtani Hisamichi, who made the finish 1 hour after. Ueda Suguru unfortunately just missed out finishing as he arrived 3 minutes after the the allowed time slot.

Holonobe has some really good snowkite spots and it’s location promises really good conditions. We could ride all 4 days during 4 days event schedule.

The top competitors from 1st to 4th place were on Ozone kites! We plan to organize this competition every year in this season. We hope we can grow it to become like Ragnarok in Asia!

ORGANISER: X-FLY inc. - Fumiya Matsunaga (http://x-fly.jp)


1    Kyohei Nagahiro     Snowboard - Ozone R1V2 13m
2    Hisamichi Ohtani     Ski  - Ozone Summit 12m
3    Suguru Ueda           Ski  - Ozone Edge 19m

Ski Class
1    Hisamichi Ohtani
2    Suguru Ueda 
3    Tani Noriyuki            Ozone Hyperlink 12m

Snowboard Class
1    Kyohei Nagahiro
2    Makoto Honjo          Ozone Hyperlink 12m
3   Atsushi Sato             

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