Not on a tube but a FOIL kite!!

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This weekend saw French racing veteran Sebastien Cattelan tearing up the border cross course to be crowned French Champion - Congratulations Seb!

Here's what Seb had to say: 

"Thanks for your support sending me awesome OZONE gear this year again!
I'm very proud to announce that I'm the new French Champion in Border cross!

This weekend, in Saint Pierre La Mer-South of France, we had to wait for the Tramontana wind to arrive slowly, we were able to start the competition in light winds of around 10kts ending up with a gusty 20kts. The organisation meant that each heat dierctly followed the previous heat, and I chose to race overpowered with the new 12m Hyperlink, 28m lines, which has been a diamond, being efficient in light gusts. My experience in speed gave me the skills to handle the bigger gusts and being overpowered most of the time.

I took the lead from the start in all my heats, controlling the power in the jumps and keeping on track to jibe buoys and finish as fast I could. 

Thanks again for all your support, Cheers $eb"

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