Foiling getting big in Brazil!

IV Copa Brasil de Vela 2017

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The Brazilian Hydrofoilers competed for the IV Brazil Sailing Cup, in the waters of Guaíba, in Porto Alegre. The kitesurf boards gave a special color to the competition. Despite the light wind, 8 Hidrofoil races were held, in a valid event also as 1st stage of the Brazilian Championship. It is the marriage of the thrill of an electrifying sport with the victorious tradition of the modality that won the most Olympic gold medals for Brazil.

"With this proximity between ABK and CBVela, we have been able to unite the practice of more than 20 years that we have of kitesurfing with all the tradition that sailing has built over the years," says Augusto Sampaio, president of the Brazilian Kitesurf Association (ABK).

"It is very important to have Kitesurf present at the main Olympic sailing event in the country. We have great chances of having the kite approved as an exhibition event at the Tokyo Games, so we need to get closer to the boaters in order to start future preparation in this class, "said CBVela Executive Director Daniel Santiago.

In total we had 11 sailors registered in the event, with super technical and well balanced regattas. The departure of the Jangadeiros Club with weak winds was challenging and reaching the lane was already the first hurdle for the athletes. Roberto Veiga, a seasoned sailor from Santa Catarina, accustomed to the conditions, sailed easy on winds that varied from 4 to 8 knots with gusts of 14 to 15 knots. Roberto won the last four races in a total of 8 held and got a win winning the competition. Wilson Veloso (PB) had a great performance and was in second place followed by Bruno Lobo (MA) in third. In Tubular, the Pernambuco Eduardo Fernandes won the disputes.

According to Roberto Veiga, "I am very accustomed to sailing in light winds, kites foil require a lot of technique under these conditions, because we can not let it fall into the water. I work under these conditions in Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis and I believe that was the decisive factor for the conquest! For us sailors it is an honor to be able to participate in events like this and be able to share the streak with sports legends like Robert Scheidt. Now ABK and CBV working together I believe it will be a milestone for our modality that is only growing in Brazil. "

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