2018 Kite buggy World Champion

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A well deserved win by Flo Kerker, Ozone's National Team Rider from Germany at the Kitebuggy World Championship held in Borkum using the R1V2. 

Borkum is Germany's westernmost east frisian island and it’s stunning beach is offering an outstanding kite buggy spot belonging to the best of Germany. Large hard packed sand areas blend with smooth soft sand dunes as well as speed strips along the water's edge.


Press Release from Island Challange 08.10.2018 //

An exciting "Kitebuggy World Championship 2018" week has come to an end. The weather on Borkum has stabilized after a little scare with high tide and rain on the day of arrival and shown from its most beautiful side. It was possible to run 10 individual races on 3 days of racing and from day to day the conditions became more and more perfect. Only on the last day of the regatta the wind stayed out, but the kitebuggy riders were compensated with the most beautiful sunshine. All participating nations were full of praise for a well organized event of Norseeheilbad Borkum GmbH in cooperation with the German Kitebuggyverein  German Parakart Association Kitesailing eV (GPA) and the kite and beach sailing school  World of Wind.
From German side it was a very successful event, where many drivers landed on the "podium".


The final results of the Kitebuggy World Championship 2018 in Borkum //

1. Florian Kerker (Germany)  WORLD CHAMPION 2018
2. David van Boven (Belgium) 
3. Bastian Bischoff (Germany) 

1. Olivia Hegron (France) WORLD CHAMPION 2018
2. Annika Basner (Germany) 
3. Melina Hötzsch (Germany ) 

Team Rating: 
1. Germany 
2. France 
3. Holland 


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