Crossing Gulf of Thailand

Yo Pudla

Photos + Video

I have been daydreaming about one day I will cross the Gulf of Thailand by kiteboarding. And I think many of you might have the same dream but haven't made it real yet for some reasons (e.g. not ready, no courage, don't know how, etc.) that you never make it. 
Me too, it took so long time until I decided to push the limits. Inspired by His Majesty King Bhumibhol that he had built a sail boat and sail it across the Gulf of Thailand by himself. Also recently, I have had a good training by kiteboarding 400+km distance from Pranburi / Projuamkirikhan to Donsak / Suratthani ( This made me realize that I can do it (crossing the Gulf), so I asked my friends for a support boat with a camera team. My plan was to do it on the same day after I finished the Thailand Kiteboarding Championship Competition from Baan Nam Mao Beach / Chonburi (which was the place I learnt to kite for the first time in 2004) to Pranburi Beach (which is my current training ground). The distance is about 120km.
  After I've been studying the wind kept my fingers crosses for many days. On January 19th, 2016 I decided to take my Ozone Edge V8 11m kite expecting it to suit both the strong and light wind condition along the way. After praying for good luck from the King's picture I felt full of encouragement. At 11:37am I started my journey off the beach. The sky was so clear, the spray of water on my face was very refreshing. I was looking forward, no turning back. After passing Koh Kram, the scene was so vast, there was only the sea and the sky. But I've made up my mind. I checked the compass all the time so I won't miss the destination. Two hours passed and my legs started to get tired but I kept maintaining the speed expecting the wind might drop early. Such a long time out on the sea and I still couldn't see the shore, I felt startled, my legs felt numbed. The support boat broke down but I decided to keep going, I left the camera team behind to finish my goal. But I was getting exhausted, the wind was dropping and I still couldn't see the shore. I was thinking I may have gotten lost.. Just until the last 40 minutes of my trip I started to see the blurry mountain range. I thought it was an illusion at first, but it was real. But where? Where was I? Cha Am, Hua Hin, Pranburi Sam Roi Yod or Prajuab Kiri Khan? I was getting closer and closer then I think it looks like Koh Koram / Sam Roi Yod. Smiling comes to my face as I'm getting closer to the shore. But the wind kept getting lighter so I had to go down wind and ended up at the Sam Roi Yod Beach about 10km from Pranburi. I smiled as I took my first step on the beach, I made it! My dream came true. I kitesurfed across the Gulf of Thailand in 4 hours 5 minutes and 51 seconds.

Thanks to Mr.Vladimir Yakovleff for finding the boat and being the captain, V38 Fitness, Loso-D, Muay Thai Online, Yoda Kite School, Huahin Marina, Ocean Marina for your support to make my dream comes true.

Thank you sponsorship and media