2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S

Photos + Video

The 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational was huge! The worlds top professional wakestyle kiteboarders battled it out for their share of the $70,000 prize money with equal split for men and women.

The competition ran over several days with the riders throwing down on the kickers, boxes and sliders with nonstop entertainment and musical guests throughout the event.  

The first day of the competition started off with perfect South West wind in the REAL Slick. On day two the wind went North and the world-class Water Patrol at REAL Watersports moved the sliders into the perfect position for the changing conditions. Finals day showed up after a lay day with another round of classic South West conditions. The competition was tight and in the end, technical slider riding and mega kicker hits took top scores.  -

Ozone team rider Isabel Von Zastrow was back with a vengeance after scoring the event wild card in 2018. Having had a year to train and develop, she was fully focused and ready to give it her all. Competing on the AMP V1 set up in advanced 5th-Line mode for added slack, Issy held an awesome form, throwing down solid tricks one after another. After an extremely close final, Issy came away beaming and holding on to the bronze medal and 5 grand prize cheque, way to go Issy!! 

"3RD PLACE AT THE #WindvoyagerTripleS!!  This whole experience has been amazing thanks to all the people who have made this event possible! I want to say a special congratulations to @annelous for being at the top of her game and stomping this win!  @karolinawinkowska as usual being a bad ass and crushing it! Huge congrats to @colleenjcarroll and @sensigraves for riding like bosses!"

The AMP V1:

In 5-Line mode the AMP changes in overall performance. The kite is supported in a tighter C-shape arc, with a more precise and direct feel on the bar, increased power during load up for pop, and increased slack when in the air. This slack also increases steering delay, offering more time for grabs and handle passes.

Re-launching in 5-Line mode is simple - either pull on one back line as in 4-Line mode or in lighter winds reach up and pull Line no.5 to turn the kite over before re-launching.

Whether you’re learning your first un-hooked raley, boosting kite loops, or styling out advanced park and freestyle manoeuvers, the AMP will keep you in control with the highest level of feedback, predictable turning speed and a similar feeling precisely tuned across all sizes. It is ultra smooth to fly and provides inspirational confidence to go for it!

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