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The 2018 Youth Olympic Games has finally come to an end for the triumphant young competitors, after more than a year of hard work and training the Olympic champions have been crowned.


The Official summary from The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA - kiteclasses) //

The Victory Ceremony for the first Olympic Kiteboarding event was held with a lot of emotion for the winning nations. The Dominican Republic and Philippines took home their first ever medals in sailing - surely a milestone for the countries and the sport. First place went to Adeuri Corniel (DOM), and there was a tie for second by Christian Q Tio(PHI) and Toni Vodisek (SLO). In the girls, Sofia Tomasoni kiteboarder(ITA) took the gold and, Poema Newland (FRA) and Nina Font Castells(SPA) tied for second. Possibly another first - there were 4 silver medals awarded, and not a single bronze!

After mixed weather over the course of the week, both Girl’s and Boy’s Kiteboarding fleets were forced to use their reserve day to conclude the series.

With stronger winds expected in the morning of Sunday 14th October, racing began at the earlier time of 10:00 to allow the second semi-finals, the B (Petit) Final and the A Final in both fleets to proceed in what turned out to be perfect conditions.


Adeuri Corniel via Instagram //

Today was a day full of excitement, joy, happiness and much more! I have no words to describe what I’m feeling right now! I’m super stoked to bring home my first gold medal after a year full of training, hard work, effort , travels and much more! Thanks to God who’s been always with me and giving me good vibes throughout this year!

Huge thanks to @cabaretekiteacademy and @raquel.delrio.g for believing in us and making all this possible! Raquel took care of us just like her kids and we are all thankful to you for this big opportunity! Also thanks to our coach @ftrittel for bringing out the best out of us and making us unstoppable! We’ve all grown as a team and we never gave up and that is what kept us moving forward! I believe once you want something so bad and you work hard for it you will get it and that’s my advice to all the next generation! Today was the finish line for one of many of my goals ! I’ve just won the Gold Medal at this Youth Olympic and became the Youth Olympic World Champion for the category TTRACE


A very exciting victory for Sofia Tomasoni kiteboarder who won gold for Italy. After coming from behind, she landed in first place after Poema Newland (FRA)took a 2 point penalty which pushed her into second. There was yet another tie for the silver medal between France and Nina Font Castells of Spain. It was a tight race today with Alina Kornelli - Kiteboarding (GER) landing in 4th position after holding first for the entire competition.

Sofia Tomasoni via her Instagram //

Today I won GOLD at the Olympics. Today is the day I will never forget! The happiness you see in this picture is real and the girls I got to share this podium with have my most respect and love. @ninafont @poemanewland this victory is for my dad, today’s your birthday and this is all I wanted to give you! 


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