World champion third time in a row!

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We couldn't be happier for Nico Parlier winning his third World Formula Kite Championship title! Having won almost all of his heats he showed true strength and stamina throughout every single race. Well done champ!



The Aarhus International Sailing Center in Denmark hosted 1,500 sailors from around 100 countries competing in 10 different disciplines, in addition to striving for gold the competitors also fought for the chance to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Kiteboarding debuts as part of the Olympic World Championships programme. 

The 2018 Kiteboarding World Championship events took place from the 6th to the 11th August. The 65 riders competed in 19 races in total, the first qualifying round was split into Blue, Red and Yellow fleets and comprised of 13 races. The competitors then progressed into the final series, depending on their previous results they were tiered into Gold, Silver, Bronze, Emerald and White fleets. These last 6 races determined who would be crowned champion.

For those unfamiliar with the race setup, the fleets were comprised of between 10 to 20 riders who had to tack and gybe around a set course of buoys positioned upwind and downwind, covering around 4km in length, during the course the riders reached speeds of up to 27knts.

N:B: 'World Sailing' is the governing body for the sport of sailing, officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).



Nico has been competing on hydrofoils since the early days, he likes to constantly push the limits with his equipment setup and his speeds attained as a result. He trains by spending as many hours as possible in the water and builds his strength and endurance through biking. When discussing the future of Foil racing Nico believes there is still room to grow, each year he is able to go faster. Some events such as the Hydrofoil Pro Tour allow riders to use prototype equipment, this turns the event into a form of laboratory where the brands can gauge how well their new designs are performing. This really helps the sport to grow and advance. Ozone has good products and are always pushing to new limits with their designs. To excel in a race it is so important to really know your equipment and maximise its potential during each and every race. 

Does Nico think Kiteboarding is ready for the Olympics?

He's not 100% sure, he says it is still too early to know what will be decided for the Olympics...the format still hasn't been agreed upon! But what he does know for sure it that whatever is decided it will be interesting and he is looking forward to many more good years of racing.    

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In addition to Nico a big CONGRATULATIONS also goes out to Toni Vodisek for his well deserved 1st place in the Junior division, also achieving this award three times in a row! well done! Coming a very respectable 10th overall, he is making a strong mark in the lineup. Maks Żakowski admirably took 2nd and Oliver Hansen came 3rd in the Juniors, well done! and Ozone legend Benjamin Petit secured 2nd place in the Masters division, another great achievement for the bag!

A very sincere well done to all the riders, we are proud to see so many R1V2s flying in the sky and reaching podiums! 

The R1V2 is very much at the height of its game and in the hands of the pro riders it continues to win world titles and race trophies all over. The shear dominance of the kite shines through from the rider’s performance. Known for being an impeccable race Machine, it raises the standard of performance. 




  1. Nico Parlier (FR)
  2. Guy Bridge (UK)
  3. Maxime Nocher (FR)


  1. Toni Vodisek (SL)
  2. Maks Żakowski (PL)
  3. Oliver Hansen (DK)


  1. James Johnson (DK)
  2. Benjamin Petit (FR)
  3. Pierluigi Capozzi (IT)


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