Click-In Loop Stainless Steel release Lever Part Recall

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All Click-In Loop users are required to read fully and take action if necessary.

We made a routine Quality Control check on all Click-In Loop stock in our factory. We found a small number of Click-In Loop parts from a recent production batch had a minor manufacturing issue by a third party that may mean they do not work as expected.

As safety is our main concern we have decided it is prudent to replace the Stainless Steel Release Lever even though we consider the chances of a problem as very low. We will supply the new part to your shop/dealer. Replacing the part is easy and requires a 2mm Hex key.

Please take the following steps:

1. Check if your Click-In Loops Stainless Steel Release Lever is marked with a small dot as in the photo (above).

2. If your Stainless Steel Release Lever has the mark you do not need to take action.

3. If your Stainless Steel Release Lever does not have the mark please contact your shop/dealer who will arrange the part to be replaced.  

Replacing the Click-in loop Stainless Steel Release Lever

Download a How to pdf HERE or watch the video HERE

We apologise for any inconvenience. We are dedicated to quality, safety and would like to ensure that all our products are working as designed.


Team Ozone

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