Is 2018 Seb's Year?

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Namibia plays host once again to The Luderitz Speed Challenge where the world's fastest riders are back to push their limits. Who will bolt the fastest across the man-made trench this year? Sebastien Cattelan has been preparing for months to once again try and break the record for the fastest speed on kite and race board. This year's challenge started at the end of October and the 'Catman' has been roaring and tearing up the track eager to smash the threshold. The Lüderitz Speed Challenge is an official Speed Record Chase for Windsurfers and Kitesurfer approved by the WSSRC – World Sailing Speed Record Council.

Seb's results so far:

  • 1ST RACE DAY: 40 kts of wind.
    Seb Cattelan: 53.77 kts on 500m - 57kts top speed
  • 2ND RACE DAY: 35 kts of wind.
    Seb Cattelan: 52.88 KTS on 500m - 56 kts top speed
  • 3RD RACE DAY: 30 kts of wind.
    Seb Cattelan: 51.01 KTS

  • 4TH RACE DAY: 40  kts of wind for 30 minutes!
    Seb Cattelan: 53.86 KTS


The challenge continues till the 25th of November so there is still some time left to break the current 57.97 knts speed record, we are rooting for you Seb!

For more information head over to the Lüderitz official website 


Seb chooses to race on the Edge V9 for it's flat out performance advantage, it has the potential for insane speed at incredible angles while still managing to retain its smooth, agile handling.


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