Andrea Ragazzoni training in Sicily

Freestyle with the C4 and Zephyr

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Italian top freestyler Andrea Ragazzoni want to share his experience with the C4 and Zephyr in his first months riding for the Italian Ozone team:

"Hi everyone,

This is the first year for me that I ride with Ozone kites and I want to share with you my first impression and my feeling with this big and amazing family...
For two months now I'm training in Sicily, and I ride the C4 and the Zephyr in super light wind.
The C4, as you know, is a 100% freestyle kite and damn I love it; is one of the best kites I have ever been riding.
The C4 in my opinion is the perfect kite for those who want to push their limits in wakestyle making powerful and technical tricks without compromise.
The C4 is a real is super stable and it has got power that it's not easy to find in other kites! It really helps you reach a higher level and you feel comfortable when you ride at the same time thanks to the different set up that you have on the kite: 2 attachment points for the front lines to change to more or less freestyle settings and 3 for the back lines for more or less pressure on the bar and turning speed... In this way the C4 will be exactly as you prefer.
The best thing that I find with Ozone is their philosophy about less marketing but top quality, this is what you need when you ride a kite.
In fact, the structure of the kite is built with top quality material, the dacron is D2 Technoforce, the LE, the struts and all the most important part of the kite are reinforced and everything is guaranteed by Ozone's warranty service.
Super easy the water relaunch and it has an amazing "slack", when you pop the kite will die to give you all the time that you need to pass the bar, then it takes again the power for a super soft and smooth landing!
I also ride the Zephyr and I'm happy to make some radical tricks with 10-12 kts's awesome how it enables you jump with low wind...
I think that the C4 and the Zephyr are the perfect set for a can ride all conditions and you will never waste wind!!
After eleven years that I tried every type of board sport on earth, kitesurfing is still my meaning of life...I will take part in the Italian and European championships this season, the past season I came 4th in Italy...
I want to say thanks to Fox Kite, an on line shop located in Rome, and Ozone Italy for believing in me and supporting me!
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