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An entirely new kite from Ozone, the Amp has been designed for those dedicated freestyle and park riders who need a tool to help them progress. Featuring 5 struts, a mid to high aspect ratio, both 4 and 5 line options and a C kite shaped design, the Amp has all the attributes to keep you at the top of your game.

As with all Ozone kites, the Amp has been made with longevity in mind, and the construction backs this up. Using Teijin materials exclusively, the canopy is made with D2 ripstop and the leading edge and struts with Techno Force Dacron. Both of these together create a lightweight, well-built kite with a solid feel in the air. The struts are connected directly to the leading edge, and while Ozone doesn’t add excessive protection patches and weight to their kites, there is plenty of stitching and reinforcement in the right places.

There are various tuning options on the kite, both on the back line adjustment for turning speed, and also the bridling for the feel and dedication of the kite. For those who are going to be looping, the kite works best with the bridle set on the closest knot, whereas a more freestyle orientated feel requires the bridle to be set on the longest knot. Additionally, you are able to change the kite into 5 line mode which offers a direct attachment and is designed for those advanced freestyle and park riders who need the kite to slack on demand and support them through all manner of inversions and spins. All of these mods are quick and easy to do and allow you to alter the kite as you progress.



The Amp has bags of usable performance for a huge spectrum of people on their freestyle journeys.


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