AJ Philipsen C4 review

New season, new kites.

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Well guys it's time for the new 2015 kites from Ozone and my weapon of choice is the C4, I have flown the C4's since the first edition back in 2010 and the progression in the kite performance amazes me every year and this year is beyond expectations. With so many improvements to them it's hard to know where to begin. The new Teijin D2 material gives the kites a crisper feeling and increases strength across the canopy and the Teijin Dacron to increase the strength and durability across the leading edge and struts.

Each size kite has been refined for better performance meaning more hang time and power and take my word for this as there have been many times where I have found extra explosive power and amazing float compared to previous years. The kites stability has been increased which also helps out when parking the kite for wakestyle moves meaning it just sits where you left it. The speed and drive of the kite is great making kiteloops larger than ever, they produce more power as they drive through the turn making loops and boosting unbelievably fun.

The increased pop and drop on the new C4 is increased and is easily accessible for all rider levels making it great to start learning wakestyle giving you the confidence to try more new tricks than before. With the ability to change the style of the kite between newschool and freeride gives riders two kites in one, so if you just want a chilled session and want to just cruise around the freeride setting lowers bar pressure and increases the de-power and when you want to start banging out the newschool tricks just a 2 second change back to the original setting gives the C4 back its explosive power with increased bar pressure and more constant power. The bar pressure and turn speed is also changeable to suit your preference.

If you want a kite that will scare the pants off of you during loops with amazing park and ride for wakestyle, a kite with hang time and boost that will pop your socks off, that kite you are looking for that you can freeride in the waves and with one quick change of a knot be throwing the latest newschool tricks then the new 2015 Ozone C4 is the kite for you.

Get in contact with your nearest Ozone dealer and arrange a demo or just order them now because once you have flown one nothing else that will give you the satisfaction!

Play hard, Ride hard!

AJ Philipsen