R1 V2 victory at RedBull Lighthouse to Leighton 2016

Nico Parlier smashes record

Photos + Video

Nico Parlier won the prestigious 2016 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton race and smashed the record clocking unbelievable 19 minutes on the 19km distance.

"The competition was organized on Sunday because the conditions were better than the day before. We all went to the island with the Rottnest Express Ferry, amazing organization to bring the gear over because we had to drop off the gear on Saturday and allowed to bring 2 kites only. The boat was full of 150 kiters on Sunday morning ready to race. Most of them were on TT. 
We could see on the way to the island that the water was very clear and sometimes we could see some current lines where the sea weeds floated around. 
All the locals said that sometimes the channel is unrideable because of the weed, but apparently this time we got lucky! 
It was a beautiful day: very sunny, 23°, 18-22knts of wind. So I decide to use my 10 m R1 V2, the water was actually very flat! It allowed us to go really fast, I managed to do the race in 19'03'', it was very fun to kite in the middle of a 150 kiters fleet! 
I was racing the 900 HP leading boat at 33 knots, it was not easy to stay away from its wake! 
Sail fast, 


Nico Landauer, who arrived in Leighton in 5th place:
"After a nice ferry ride to Rottenness Island to start the annual L2L race, 19Km crossing, beam reach to the mainland of WA.
Beautiful sunny day as always, sea breeze early on the day, we got our 9’s and 10’s up in the sky, ready blast a cross the canal at full speed.
150+ riders set sail across on their different boards and kites (Me personal with the goal of stay in the top 3 on my R1V2 9M) over this amazing clear waters. After the start I found my self leading with Flo chasing me closely trying to overtake me, but sure enough the machine Parlier comes blasting by to windward, this kid just raised the bar of kite racing to a whole new level. The battle continued for 2nd place while trying to avoid the two chase boats wake in front of me I made the mistake of airing the front wing and crush so with everyone chasing you at full speed, that cost me several positions. I managed to grind few back and get close to 2nd, 3rd and 4rd but I wasn’t able to over take them. 
Despite my bad luck I’m impressed with the result and the management of the event, they did an amazing job putting it together. I’ll be back for more!

Thanks to the team, is fun to develop these amazing kites and I look fwd to the upcoming year.
Best regards
Nico Landauer"



1st Nico Parlier (France/Ozone) 19:03

2nd Florian Gruber (Germany)

3rd Florian Trittel (Spain/Ozone)

4th Guy Bridge (UK)

5th Nico Landauer (USA/Ozone)



1st Stephanie Bridge (UK) 24:50

2nd Elena Kalinena (Russia)

3rd Theresa McKirdy (WA)


Twin Tip:

1st Aaron Hadlow 23:00

2nd Sam Light

3rd Jordan Girdis (AUS/Ozone)


Marc Sprod Memorial Trophy Alty Frisby