Axel Mazella

Photos + Video

Congratulations to Axel Mazella for claiming the 2019 Défi Kite Race championship on the Alpha 4m. Up against gusts of over 50 knots and successfully fighting off more than 400 competitors across the 140km course in Gruissan, France, Axel managed to win every race and secure his second Défi Kite event title! 

"Nicolas Parlier, the kite foiling legend, wasn't here this year, but I hope I did enough to show him I mean business! This event has boosted my confidence for the rest of the season," - Axel Mazella

The single strut AlphaV1 offers amazing performance across the whole wind range, redefining our expectations of inflatable kites, it's simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective – IT IS A WINNER FOR ANY QUIVER.



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