Ryan Coote

Foto + Video

Country: Ireland

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: Reo and Zephyr

Nickname: Rhino - Hulk

Date of Birth: 08-05-1981

Nationality: Irish

Website: www.kitesurfireland.ie

Link to your latest video: Celtic Prayers

Discipline(s): Strapless and Waves

Competitive Highlights: Every wave I ride.

Home spot: West Coast Ireland.

Favourite Spots: The one that has waves and is working closet to home.

Favourite Gear: Ozone Reo 10m and AOR 6.2 rounded pin tail surfboards.

Favourite Moves: Getting out and back in again all in one piece.

More important than kiting: The 3 F's. Family-Friends-Food

Inspiration: Who ever is having the most fun.

What do you do in free time: All my time is free. I just choose what I want to do with it.

What’s on your iPod: My butt mostly as its in my back pocket.

Why Ozone? Simply the best company the best team the best equipment.

What was your best kite moment? Learning to go up wind.

What was your best life moment? Learning to go with it.

How would you change the world? I would remove all religions and all money form the planet and make everyone equal. When they wake up tomorrow everyone is equal. We have one planet lets worship it in this life time.

What would be your ideal day? Kitesurf surf kite surf surf kite sleep in my own lovely wonderful bed beside my wonderful wife and be able to hear my wonderful son snoring in the next room.

Interesting saying: Way to many to pic just one. But I do like: “Ah Fuck it just go will yeah”

Do you have a Joke for use: Yeah I got one.

Q. How do you make Holy Water?

A. You boil the Hell out of it.