Riccardo Leccese

Foto + Video

Country: Italy and Colombia

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: R1

Date of Birth: 19/08/1982

Nationality: Colombian-Italian

Website: www.facebook.com/rikkipro

Link to your latest video: https://vimeo.com/105718250

Discipline(s): Course Racing-Freeride-Foilboard

Competitive Highlights: IKA World Ranked 1st in 2013 and 2014, a big bunch of top podiums around the world, many times spraying Champagne!

Home spot: Sprat Bight Beach, San Andres Islas Colombia

Favourite Spots: Home spot! Maui-Kanaha Beach, St Kilda-Melbourne

Favourite Gear: Right now 8m Edge! And 12m Chrono!

Favourite Moves: Tacking! Kite loops and jumping to the moon!

More important than kiting: …. is out there something better to live with?!

Inspiration: You must leave a legacy!

What do you do in free time: There is no freetime! Freetime is after death!

What’s on your iPod: Pop, Reggae, Jazz, Bachata, Salsa

Why Ozone? Performance, quality, family

What was your best kite moment? Every single session!

What was your best life moment? this is a hard one, I'm always on the edge!

How would you change the world? I wake up every day doing the right thing and what I love, constant discipline!

What would be your ideal day? Warm and cloudy, good food, 25 knots, big friends fleet and freezing Coca Cola!

Interesting saying: Don't regret, follow your instincts and always choose a bigger kite than what you think