Patrick Blanc

Foto + Video

Country: Spain

Passion: Kitesurf and Snowkite

Kite: C4

Date of Birth:13/12/1995

Nationality: Spain

Link to your latest video:

Discipline(s): Freestyle, surfkite.

Competitive Highlights: European Junior Champion(2012), 6th place 2013 PKRA Pintang, China. 3x Spanish champion(2010,2011,2012)

Home spot: Castelldefels, Barcelona (Spain)

Favourite Spots: Capetown (South Africa), Cumbuco(Brasil)

Favourite Gear: Ozone 11m C4 2015!

Favourite Moves: S-mobe 5 grab, backmobe 5

More important than kiting: My family and studies

Inspiration: Top 5 ranked guys are people I really follow to see how the sport is growing but i like to have my personal style!

What do you do in free time: All kind of extreme sports like surfing, wakeboard, skate, montainbike, motobike, climb....

What’s on your iPod: All kind of music depending on the moment. Every moment has it own music!

Why Ozone? It's a great brand with great people working in it and  has all kind of good kites obviously.

What was your best kite moment? It's hard to say, i had a lot of perfect moments... i think what makes it great is having the joy to ride in a beautiful place with your best friends!

What was your best life moment? That's another hard question to answer, I would say the moment when i signed up with Ozone to do the Kitesurf world tour so i could travel a lot around the world to the best places.

How would you change the world? I would like to live in a world with no violence, diseases and starvation deaths.

What would be your ideal day? An early big surf during the moring, kitesurf session with friends in the afternoon and some surfkite for the sunset session!

Interesting saying: Enjoy your life everyday, life is short and there is only one! Work hard today so tomorrow you will be the one you wanted to be!!