Noah Poritz

Foto + Video

Country: USA

Passion: Snowkite

Kite: Chrono V2, Frenzy and Summit

Nickname: Captain Party

Date of Birth: 20 December 1958           

Nationality: USA

Discipline(s): Snowkite

Competitive Highlights: Ozone Snowkite Masters Utah Winduro – 2nd place Ski

Home spot: Bozeman, Montana

Favourite Spots: Centennials, MT   Beartooths, MT   Big Horns, WY

Favourite Gear: Ozone foils, Volkl skis, Polaris snowmobiles

Favourite Moves: Sending it hard, Backrolls, Nailing my landings.

More important than kiting: Family & Friends,

Inspiration: People who work tirelessly on saving our native cultures, native landscapes, and native planet.

What do you do in free time: MTB, XC skiing, think about snowkiting!

What’s on your iPod: Thievery Corp., Sly & Robbie, Dr. Israel, Damian Marley, Bill Laswell, basically anything with drum and bass!

Why Ozone? Robbie Whittall’s focus on designing the best wing possible.    

What was your best kite moment? Years ago, I was snowkiting solo in the backcountry, many miles from the highway.  I felt that the doors of perception open and I was bestowed a gift that continues with me today.  Snowkiting is my passion and sharing that passion is one simple idea that can have meaningful impact.

What was your best life moment? That is an easy answer!  Marriage to my loving wife, Leona, is tops. The births of our two sons.   

How would you change the world? End imperialism!  Guarantee self-determination for all nations and peoples.

What would be your ideal day? Three feet of fresh powder outside my door.

Interesting saying: It’s not what’s on top of your head; it’s what’s inside it.