Narapichit “Yo” Pudla

Foto + Video

Country: Thailand

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: Edge and R1

Nickname: Yo

Date of Birth: 24/3/1987

Nationality: Thai


Latest Video:

Discipline(s): Kitesurf Freestyle, Race

Competitive Highlights: 5x Asia champions

Home spot: Pranburi

Favourite Spots: YoDa Lazy beach,Pranburi

Favourite Gear: Edge

Favourite Moves: Mobe

More important than kiting: Lifestyle

Inspiration: Wind,Wave

What do you do in free time: KiteCable,Longboard downhill

What’s on your iPod: Linkin park,Hard core,Trance,Reggae

Why Ozone? The best wing I can trust with any condition.

What was your best kite moment? When I landing new trick.

What was your best life moment? Won the competition event and stand on podium.

How would you change the world? Share a happiness and make everyone smile.

What would be your ideal day? Still awake and travel for kiting

Interesting saying: Believe in yourself and make your own passion come true.