Marc Ramseier

Foto + Video

Country: Switzerland and Indonesia

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: Reo

Nickname: Marley

Date of Birth: 26.02.1974

Nationality: Swiss


Link to your latest video:

Discipline(s): Wave, Snow

Competitive Highlights: Top 5 in many World cups in the early days, 5th last King of the Air Maui edition

Home spot: Sumbawa / Indonesia, Alps / Switzerland

Favourite Spots: Indonesia, Tahiti, One Eye, Bernina Pass

Favourite Gear: Ozone Reo 9m2, Firewire KP1

Favourite Moves: playing in the waves

More important than kiting: Health, Family & Friends

Inspiration: Nobody is perfect, but every person is an inspiration in one way or the other.

What do you do in free time: do something outside…surf, sup, dive, snowboard, golf…etc

What’s on your iPod: a part of an unfortunately outdated music collection that urgently needs my attention…

Why Ozone? Because the people behind it are not only as highly skilled to design and manufacture the best products, but they also are as passionate about the sport to give it all to truly make the best kites no matter where you want to take yours.

What was your best kite moment? Getting properly barreled for the first time.

What was your best life moment? There’s many – one is setting foot on Indonesia and sucking in all the new impressions from that world.

How would you change the world? I would make it uninteresting for big cooperations to just maximize the money by harming people or nature.

What would be your ideal day? Wake up early, go for a surf in an empty line up, fruits from the garden for breakfast, go dive and shoot a fish for dinner, relax/lunch, kite sesh in the afternoon, SUP sunset session, bbq with friends for dinner, good bottle of red with it.

Interesting saying: What goes around comes around.