Foto + Video

Country: Switzerland

Passion: Snowkiting

Kite: Frenzy UL, R1 UL, everything ultralight


Patrick and Ronny from love to explore new snowkiting spots in the mountains. To ride up a new summit by kite is the biggest goal for them, so they first founded with its unique spotguide of all the newly discovered spots in Switzerland. But because they were also curious and interested where all the other kiters abroad are kiting, they founded! With the Kitetracker apps and normal GPS devices, everyone can track all their epic sessions and share them with other kiters. You will find all kinds of kitesports (Snowkiting, Buggykiting, Landboarding, Kitesurfing) from all over the world on KiteTracker! Quickly became the one place for all kiters to share their adventures, meet and compete!