Johann Civel

Foto + Video

Country: France

Passion: Snowkite

Kite: Subzero, Hyperlink & Chrono 

Nickname: Jo, Jojo, Jono

Date of Birth: 18/09/1980

Nationality: French


Link to your latest video:

Discipline(s): Ski, snowboard, strapless

Competitive Highlights: World champion ski 2011, european champion 2014, first ascent on many summits

Home spot: Cervieres, Lautaret pass

Favourite Spots: Cervieres

Favourite Gear: Subzero for the mountains and the Chrono

Favourite Moves: riding up mountains, kite loops

More important than kiting: my family

Inspiration: the forces of nature

What do you do in free time: Surf, kitesurfing...

What’s on your iPod: no iPod ;)

Why Ozone? Best kites ever, great family and they follow me since the beginning

What was your best kite moment? There is a lot, reaching a new summit is always an unforgetable moment

What was your best life moment? Too many...but right now it's having a little boy !

How would you change the world? No more ski resort... snowkites evrywhere ;) no i'm joking...It's probably too late to change the world!

What would be your ideal day? Big waves or big powder with wind from the right direction...

Interesting saying: See u in the mountains or deep in the green room !!