Didier Botta

Foto + Video

Country: France

Passion: Snowkite and Kitesurf

Kite: Frenzy and C4

Nickname: Did, Didi or Didou (only for girls)

Date of Birth: 04/04/1994

Nationality: French

Website: under construction, will be Didierbotta.com

Link to your latest video: It’s a non-action clip. This the first “Tuto” (tutorial) I’ve made. I filmed myself when I was preparing my Frenzy and I hope this kind of video could help some beginners! http://vimeo.com/195109210

Discipline(s): I’m mainly focused on Freestyle. I started snowkiting first and then kitesurfing. I enjoy a lot of disciplines, from surfing to foiling. I love making a mix between wakestyle and oldschool. Using natural slopes and modules.
Most of all, whatever the way of riding and the conditions, I love to share it with my friends, having fun on the water until sunset, or all night long under the full moon!

Competitive Highlights:

Snowkite :
French Snowkite Freestyle champion 2012
World champion Snowkite Masters 2015
Vice world champion Snowkite Masters 2016 both on skis and snowboard

2nd French freestyle junior champion 2012
4th French Freestyle championship Senior 2014

1st Amateur Wake air contest 2015
6th Fise Amateur Montpellier 2016

Home spot: Les Estables, a wonderful little village in the middle of France. It’s surrounded by mountains and there is this wild atmosphere I love. I grew up there and then moved to the Alps. I love the rare moments when I come back home. If we have snow there this winter, you should appreciate the freeriding action and the natural background!

Favourite Spots: Home spot, Lautaret pass, Bernina pass, South of France, Corsica, Dahkla … and a lot I forgot. And so many others that I dream to explore!

Favourite Gear: Frenzy for Snowkiting - it’s my perfect all terrain kite. From freestyle to freeride, from flat spots to steep faces, I love it! In really light conditions, the Chrono gives me the power I need. It’s a very solid and an incredible performant kite. On snow you can tow so many people you want at the same time with this kite! I went out last week with my nephews and felt as if I were their personal ski-lift during the whole afternoon. On both the water and snow I also use the C4. Mostly I ride it in 5th line mode but sometimes coming back to the 4th line setting. It’s very quick to move from one to the other and that’s great. It has got a very good feeling in kiteloops, unhooked, and snowkite wakestyle action.

Favourite Moves: Snowkiting I’ve always been inspired by oldschool style, playing with the elements of the mountain. Riding downhill, edging and making a double or triple backloop kiteloop. It’s one of the best feeling I have with a kite actually. It’s like being snowboarding and jumping off a kicker. All the speed you take is energy and you transform it in height and rotations. Adrenaline and smoothness! The way I love it is when the loop arrive during the second rotation, suddenly the kite goes down and you go up very fast. Then the gravity attracts you back but the kite is going up and the landing is very soft… Also I’m always thinking of snow during summer when I’m kitesurfing or wakeboarding and one of my goal is to land all my water tricks on snow!

More important than kiting: Family and friends! Except when it’s windy ;)

Inspiration: Snowboarding and wakeboarding.

What do you do in free time: Having fun!

What’s on your iPod: There’s music ^^ From rock to reggae until electro and rap. La Yegros, La femme, Matt Simons, The Flox, Ellie Goulding, Brassens…

Why Ozone? Best Snowkite Brand ever!

What was your best kite moment? I had so many incredible moments thanks to kiting. Being outside of the ski resorts opening hours, from the sunrise until sunset and sometimes more! My last best moment was recently, when I’ve taught snowkiting to my nephews. That was great to make them feel the kite sensations and see their smiles.

What was your best life moment? First time with a kite!

How would you change the world? With superman!

What would be your ideal day? Breakfast, forecast, playing all day with the wind and friends, a beer and some good music until the end of the day!

Interesting saying: «C’est de la bombe bébé!» (ndlr Luis Marin) You’ve got to pronounce it with a Spanish accent and it sounds very funny!