Andrew Muse

Foto + Video

Country: USA

Passion: Kitesurf, Snowkite

Kite: C4, Enduro, Frenzy


Nickname: Muse or “The Muse” I would never call myself “The Muse” though.

Date of Birth: 8/24/88

Nationality: American


Link to your latest video:

Discipline(s): Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowkiting, Speedflying/riding, Rigging crazy rope swings

Competitive Highlights: I mainly film instead of compete. I did moon the crowd at Bridge of the Gods this year!

Home spot: Desperation Flats, Park City, Utah

Favourite Spots: Strawberry and the Big Horns

Favourite Gear: Enduro and Frenzy

Favourite Moves: Dark Slide and getting creative on snow

More important than kiting: My dog

Inspiration: Will Taggart from Jackson Hole Kiters

What do you do in free time: Free time… What’s that? mmmh Play with my dog, Kicker.

What’s on your iPod: Funk, podcasts and audio books

Why Ozone? Cause they make the most hi-performance gear and that’s what I want to ride

What was your best kite moment? My first upwind reach! Everything unfolds after that!

What was your best life moment? Ohhh man, Too many good ones but ill say my first upwind reach!

How would you change the world? I would reduce the population to 1/10th make sure all of those people had enough to live comfortable and not excessively and preserve this amazing planet and its natural wonders!

What would be your ideal day? Wake up early to 2 feet of fresh snow and blue bird says with a strong and steady breeze

Interesting saying: Send it!