AJ Philipsen

Foto + Video

Country: UK

Passion: MTB, Kitesurf

Kite: C4

Nickname: AJ

Date of Birth: 19/10/82

Nationality: British/Dutch

Website: www.pushking.co.uk

Latest Video: http://youtu.be/3bFoe0pEzO8

Discipline: Kiteboarding, kitesurfing

Competitive Highlights:  2nd British UK champion 2009, 1st DFC MTB Contest 2013

Home spot: Frinton-on-sea

Favourite Spots: Frinton-on-sea

Favourite Gear: Ozone C4’s , MBS Pro90

Favourite Moves: Kiteloops and passes

More important than kiting: Friends and family

Inspiration: Travis Pastrana

What do you do in free time: Biking, longboarding and partying

What’s on your iPod: The easier question is what’s not on my ipod

Why Ozone?  Why would you want anything else, quality products, quality team.

What was your best kite moment?  Every moment on my kites are the best

What was your best life moment? Flying my first power kite

How would you change the world?  Have everyone experience the fun and freedom of kiting

What would be your ideal day? Kiting with friend in perfect conditions

Interesting saying: Don’t just dream it, Live it!