VKWC Dakhla wrap-up

Patrick Blanc

Foto + Video

Dakhla VKWC 2015

First stop of the year of the VKWC tour was in Dakhla, Morroco a month ago. Plenty of riders showed up this year, even more than in the past years as there were going to be only 2 qualifiers during the season.  50 riders fighting for only 8 spots on the main event!

It was tough to make it through the heats as there were so many good riders competing for the few spots, I have to say that I struggled during the first days because the wind was very light and I couldn’t go powered on my tricks. Luckily the wind got better during the next days of the competition and I did some great heats and made it to the main event.

I did a great heat during the main event, scoring 34 points but I was competing against 2x World champion Youri Zoon and that new guy Posito Martinez from the Dominican Republic that was killing it. There have been some changes with the judging criteria, so I have to get used to that and train more to climb higher in the ranking for the upcoming events. I am motivated to train hard and do better in the next comp!

Thanks to everyone for the support!

Cheers, Patrick