With a tense finale in Italy

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With only two and a half months to go till the Youth Olympic Games, all the riders are at the height of their training and preparation, this showed through with an immensely strong and tight finale at the Twin Tip Racing (TT:R) Pump Kite Championships in Italy. Once again the skies were filled with Ozone's Edge V9 kites with riders relentlessly pushing ahead.



Located on the south west coast of Italy, the warm waters and steady breezes of Hang Loose Beach in the Calabria region made for the perfect setting for the world's top youngsters to undergo some enthralling racing. The Pump Kite division meant that those riders already qualified for the Olympics in October have one last chance to practice and improve their skills against the strongest athletes.



The dominance of the Domicican team was clear for all eyes to see, with Adeury Corniel; one of kiteboarding’s most exciting prospects along with fellow team mate Lorenzo Calcano holding tight the top two positions throughout the racing. Corniel, is the current TT:R Youth Worlds title holder, whose strength and power allowed him to lead flawlessly the men’s Pump Kite division from start to finish, winning all of his races and the all important elimination round deciders.

 “It feels amazing,” said Corniel. “This game is about concentration and focus, that’s the most important thing. I’m super-happy. It’s not easy to keep winning every race. I’ve been training really hard, but so has everyone else and they could all win. The level’s so high now.”

The fight for the third spot was beyond tight between training buddies Cameron Maramenides of the USA and Tiger Tyson of Antigua. Hot on each others heals in every heat it was finally Maramenides who made it on to the podium. The riders showed a great display of sportsmanship mixed with a healthy dose of competitive spirit. 

Like many of the girls, Lou Marin also of the Dominican Republic chose to enter the Slalom race which was being held alongside the Pump Kite Trophy, she fought very hard but due to incurring penalty points and tough racing she came 7th overall with the title going to Italy's own Sofia Tomasoni. In the women's Pump Kite division, the Trophy was won by Poland’s Oliwia Hlobuczek, having fought off pressure from Russia’s Anna Fedorova and Brazil’s Maria Beatriz Dos Santos Silva in fairly light, gusty conditions, having waited out an unseasonal thundershower.

"I'm very happy, it was a hard competition as the wind was not so strong but I'm really happy that I won"



We are very happy to say that all of the top 5 male racers were on Ozone's Edge V9 as well as the female winner Oliwia Hlobuczek. The kite dominated the skies once more bringing solid performance and speed to the riders, not to mention powerful lifts for some spectacular jumps. Known for reaching insane speeds while retaining smooth agility, both the Edge V8 and V9 are fully IKA registered series.

Proving once more its status as a multiple World Championship winning speed and race performance kite. The Edge V9 has a serious performance advantage – warp speed riding at amazing angles will give you an addictive action packed session. The results speak for themselves.



The focus is now on to who will be crowned the fastest youngster in the world at the Olympics, the games are going to be an absolutely spectacular event. Buenos Aires will be buzzing as the youngsters from all over the world embark on the final stage of their Olympic journey. Each contender already beaming with national pride to represent their country and the chance to claim victory. October cannot come fast enough to see who will turn their Olympic dream into a reality.



Pump - Kite Trophy Men:

  1. Adeury Corniel - Dominican Republic - Ozone Edge
  2. Lorenzo Calcaño - Dominican Republic - Ozone Edge
  3. Cameron Maramenides - USA - Ozone Edge
  4. Tiger Tyson - Antigua - Ozone Edge
  5. Benoit Gomez - France - Ozone Edge

Pump - Kite Trophy Women:

  1. Oliwia Hlobuczek - Poland - Ozone Edge
  2. Anna Fedorova - Russia - Core 
  3. Maria Beatriz Dos Santos Silva - Brazil - N/A
  4. Elena Sabatini - Italy - North Juice
  5. Francesca De Marco - Italy - Cabrinha FX

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