Ozone Kitelandboarding Germany grows

Welcome to the team Fabio & Marvin!

Foto + Video

The two brothers Fabio and Marvin Lorenzen are the newest addition to the german Ozone kitelandboarding team. We are stoked to have these skilled and superfriendly brothers on board and can’t wait to see them cruise around with our gear! Welcome, Fabio and Marvin! Here is a short introduction of the guys, as well as their „welcome to Team Ozone edit“:

„We are Fabio and Marvin Lorenzen. Since Beginning of 2015 we are part of Team Ozone in Germany. While we are mostly charging with our kitelandboards, we still try and get on the water as often as possible. We’ve been kitelandboarding for more than three years and a life without it seems nearly impossible at this stage. Our season 2014 was fairly successful: Fabio managed to achieve the 2nd place in the Junior’s Freestyle in the german championships and came third at the KLB Open 2014 while I, Marvin, came third in the senior’s german Freestyle Champs – on the island of Römö I even managed to stand right up on the first place of the podium. We cannot wait for our season to start and to show our skills with new kites in our hands.“