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This past winter I had the chance to go back to two kiting destination I haven’t been to for a long time - the previous times were visits in the early days of my kiting career. This time it was to help a number of aspiring wave kiters to get their skill levels up and obviously I was looking forward to be catching some good sessions for myself.

The first place I visited was Sal, one of the Caboverdian islands, which actually helped getting me on the track of becoming one of the early professional athletes in the business. Back then I went there for one of the first kite competions, in 2000 that was and it was the first event I ever took part in. It’s crazy thinking back, us trying to kite the wave of Punta Preta on the first generation of inflatable 2-line kites. Great memories though and I was super keen to now kite that wave on my latest top-of-the-notch Reo wave kites. This will be a different ball game opening horizons on not easy spots as it Ponta Preta because of it’s often too offshore and gusty wind conditions.
It was exciting being back to the island 15years later. Unfortunately the swell and winds didn’t really cooperate, so I had to postpone my Ponta Preta revival kite session for next year – I’ll be back to hold some more of my Wave Clinics there in 2016 so the opportunity will be there.
I’ve had a surf session at Punta instead and the only decent wave kite session was on a (veery) light wind day on one of the spots up north. There were some decent swells before I got there - fellow Ozone team rider Paulino Perreira was there and on duty and caught some good ones, check his video here.

The second stop on my trip to the past was Cape Town. Ten years ago it has already become one of the hotspots for the kiting scene. This definitely developed further that way and it was great to catch up with many people from the kiting world that I have not seen for ages. Many pro riders from the past either settled here or have some function in the kite industry now that brings them to South Africa.
The Cape Town area has a big number of wave riding spots on offer and it was interesting to rediscover many of the breaks that I sessioned a decade ago. Certain spots stayed exactly the same, such as Platbom within the Cape National Park, which is always a highlight in terms of nature and the experience of kiting just a few Kilometers up from the Cape of Good Hope. Conditions can get pretty rough down there, but I like the more natural surrounding, whereas the more urban spots are less intriguing to me as such. It was interesting to see what leap of development the Cape Town area took, seen in the example of Big Bay, where ten years ago there were a few wooden houses at the beach and now it’s fully built over – still all the same though on the ocean there, so thanks for that.
A further challenge I was faced with in South Africa was that Sanja from Ozone Germany entrusted me with an illustrious group of wave addicts that needed coaching and together we succesfully mastered the challenge of finding the best conditions every day. See here a short video clip from that week.