Chronotime at the Dutch national championship races

Mark van den Berg and David van Boven

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Our Dutch and Belgien riders battle for the buggy championship. Mark van den Berg is dominating the series so far with his Chronos!

"Hi Everyone,

On the 14th and 15th of March we had the first Buggy Club Holland races after the winter stop.
2 weeks before I’d spent some time at the OSKM on Bernina Pass and was totally stoked to start racing again after the winter.

All weekend we drove with the Ozone Chrono 12m. On a small and technical course this seemed the weapon of choice.

With the start of the first race on Saturday, 30 seconds before the start, I was on a good position, when suddenly someone dropped his kite on mine. Lines tangled and I had to start as last! Pumped with adrenaline, I managed to get in 2nd position but got tangled up again with someone which made me end up 7th on that race. My teammate, Mark Van den Berg won this one.
This first race seemed to be the story of the weekend. In 4 races out of 6 I got into a mess with other riders. The other 2 races I was free of tangles and managed to win them!  

But the biggest congratulations go to Mark for winning 4 out of 6 races and with two 2nd places he won the event with only 2 points! Ozone Chrono again on place 1 and 2!

Mark is now ranked 1st in the Dutch Championship and has already taken an option to become Dutch Champ with 16 points ahead of the 2nd rider. Go Mark!!!
Dennis Aalbers ended up 3rd of the weekend.

The season has kicked off and let’s see what the other races bring!

Good winds!

David Van Boven"




"Hi everyone,

I’ve written a small report about the fifth weekend of the Dutch national championships which were held at the beach of IJmuiden this weekend!


At 7:45 we arrived at the parkingplace, meeting with Ozone teamrider Robert Smits who was also going to compete this raceweekend. We quickly assembled our buggies and went to the beach, which was in perfect condition, hard as a rock and completely flat! The organization was already putting up the tent for the helpers and setting up the race course. I took my Chrono 9m out of the bag and it was perfect for the wind conditions!

Pilot briefing started and we got the 20 minute countdown until the race was going to start. My friend Dennis Aalbers took David van Boven’s Chronos for the weekend, as David wasn’t able to join himself. Right from the start Dennis and I were battling axle to axle, leaving absolutely no room for mistakes, which made racing really exciting. Unfortunatly Dennis had the chance to get away from me a little and won the first race of the weekend, pity for me but double stoked to get the first position in the following races! During the race it started to rain, and afterwards more rain started falling. We’ve had a little break and 2 races for the open class. The wind picked up and I started to set up my Edge 7m which I borrowed from the guys at Ozone Benelux. It was my first time flying it and it was great, ending up first that race!

Forecast was  good for today, sunny and wind from the southwest, a great day for racing. I took the Chrono 9m out of the bag again, still a little wet from the day before but nevertheless flying perfectly. We’ve started with two races for the master class with some very though battles again with Dennis, leaving number three far behind. I won the first race, Dennis won the second race of the day, which made us even in the ranking for the weekend. It now all depended on the last race we were going to do.

After a few rounds in the last race Dennis was in front of me when I made a mistake at the turning marker, making me lose some time and distance. Absolutely pumped to get the first place this race I  got closer and closer to Dennis when he made a mistake and I was able to take over the first place again, only 4 minutes till the end of the race which were the most exciting minutes I’ve probably ever had in a race! I ended up first, just a few meters in front of number two which made me win the weekend. Getting some more advantage for the Dutch championship ranking!

The next racing weekend will be in two weeks at Ouddorp!

Goods winds!
Mark van den Berg"


Pictures by Julian Hagedoorn!