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Thanks to everyone that voted and supported the iKSURF Reader Awards. We are sincerely stoked to be elevated to this privileged position, our heart felt thanks go out to everyone that voted for us. We are a highly passionate team who live and breathe Kitesurfing, however we would be nothing without you all getting out there following your passion and dreams.


To quote iKSURF this is "the big one and arguably the award that every major brand wanted to win, showing recognition for who made the best kites and boards, who put out the best videos and which brand achieved the most with their team riders."  

- "Ozone take the top spot this year as voted for by you. The brand have been on a charge recently with, high profile signing Ruben Lenten joining the team, and incredible kites like the Reo, Enduro, Hyperlink, Edge and AMP all doing well in the market. A new board range launched last year completes the line up and it’s great to see a brand that has been around for so long get a recognition like this. Congratulations to all the team behind the brand!"


As a brand we are Inspired by Nature and Driven by the Elements. We thrive on people getting out there and having fun with our products, we couldn't be happier seeing riders on the water, snow or land who share our values and stoke.

This award is the ultimate icing on the cake for us, 2018 has been amazing in many ways. We are so proud to have had male and female riders take the first Kitesurfing Olympic medals awarded at the Youth Olympics. Ruben Lenten has come on board as our global brand ambassador. We have Reo Stevens now representing us in the waves. Legendary waterman Kai Lenny has chosen to fly Ozone! Racing World Champion Nico Parlier has consistently taken the R1 to the top step of the podium again and again. To top it off many of you have chosen to fly Ozone!

We would like to recognize and thank our dealers, distributors and the successes of our dedicated team riders who have helped make this all possible.

Our goal is to keep up the momentum throughout 2019, we thank you, the readers and riders once again for your support and recognition, it means so much to us and brings fresh motivation to the team.

Sharing the love and that special Ozone feeling…

Team Ozone


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We believe developing a great brand comes from the unison of a great team, innovative products and a streamline manufacturing process.


The Ozone Team - Passionate, dedicated, experienced professionals

Our Research and Development team members are more than just designers; they are athletes, competitors and instructors from diverse backgrounds and a wide variety of sports. Bringing their unique experience and design expertise they are guided by the vision of creating the perfect products.

Our Sales and Marketing team live next to the beach and close to the mountains so they can enjoy every windy day possible. They are dedicated to all kite sports and are constantly looking for the next innovation to further fuel their passion.

We incorporate feedback from fledgling beginners and seasoned pros who love to ride and relentlessly test with us, refining each concept to create products that embody a true passion for sport, life, and nature. 

The ‘Ozone Feeling’ - We believe you will feel the difference

Our products conjure an experience that is nearly impossible to put into words. Invoking emotion, excitement, exhilaration and joy, the Ozone ‘feeling’ is something that transcends the product itself. Ozone kites and boards provide a sensation unlike any other – a sensation that is wonderfully cohesive, yet novel and surprising every ride. This feeling is what Ozone is known for and we invite you to experience it too.

Technology and Innovation - Trailblazing from the beginning and setting benchmarks

Since the development of our very first kite in 2001, Ozone has brought more innovative concepts and industry leading designs to market than any other brand and created category-defining products that set the standard for all those that follow. The 'Click-In Loop' is our latest innovation, with a clean & simple design, this all-new quick release incorporates a truly intuitive one-step Click-In reload function.

Bespoke Design Software - Investing into the future

We believe strongly in investing in tools that allow our team to advance designs with high efficiency and accuracy. We have developed our own proprietary software OzCAD by collaborating with some of the most brilliant minds in the fields of engineering, aerodynamics and software development.  The use of performance prediction models generated by this valuable tool provides us unparalleled insight throughout the design process.

Version Concept Committing to a ‘full life’ product cycle

By adopting the Version Concept to all products rather than confining them to model years we are giving them a natural life span. Designs are updated to a new version when we believe we have developed a better performing product from the existing design.

We have adopted this approach to avoid confusion in model updates; this also gives our design team time for true innovation. We strive to be transparent in our innovation - this is good news for customers, as the performance of a new version will be an improvement, and the value of the existing version will remain higher for longer.

Manufacturing Facility - True quality comes from owning the process from the first stitch to delivery

Our strong commitment to the highest quality begins in our very own factory. Not long after we started, we realized that we needed to be in control of every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the integrity of all our products. 

The Ozone factory in Vietnam is a state of the art facility were we employ only the highest trained craftsman whose expertise and attention to detail shine through in every product that is manufactured. Our factory produces exclusively for Ozone Kites, Ozone Paragliders, Ozone Speedwings and Squirrel Wingsuits. 

Ozone is synonymous with quality and the materials that go into each product are based on this factor alone. We do not produce in large batches; all products are manufactured to order using our bespoke B2B ordering system. This method of production is unique to the Kitesurf industry, and means there is no extra stock flooding into the market, which can devalue a product at the end of the season.

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