Axel Mazella

Photos + Vidéo

Country: France 

Passion: kitesurfing, paragliding, Wingfoil, Surf Foil

Kite: R1- V4 ! Hyperlink for fun, Edge for big air 

Date of Birth: 10/12/1997

Nationality: France 

Webstite/social media: @axel_mazella, FB : Axel Mazella 

Discipline(s): Kitefoil Racing 

Competitive Highlights: 2x Kitefoil World Champion 2017 and 2019, European Champion 2019 

Home spot: Almanarre, Hyeres 

Favourite Spots: Pointe d’Esny Mauritius, La ventana Mexico

Favourite Gear: R1’s 15m for racing, Hyperlink 9m for fun 

Favourite Moves:  foiling around the world

More important than kiting: Family and friends 

What do you do in free time: Kitesurfing 

What’s on your iPod: Rilès, Russ and Naâman 

Why Ozone? Because I love their spirit and amazing products 

What was your best kite moment? When I won the World Championships

What was your best life moment? When I received my own R1 ozone kites ;)

How would you change the world? Help people when it is in my power to do so 

What would be your ideal day? Paragliding in the morning, kitesurfing in the afternoon and then party with friends ! 

Interesting saying: The most important thing is to enjoy life while respecting nature

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