Custom Kites

Anything is possible...

Get your own branded Kite - The Ultimate Advertising Billboard

Millions of people go to the beach every year and kitesurfing is the most visually spectacular beach sport around, drawing the eyes of attention from everyone. Kites are huge and kites with a customized design can be amazing advertising spaces.

Flying up and down the beach, park or snow all day long, these spaces can be used to advertise local and international businesses, kite-schools or simply for your own kite with a design that suits you perfectly and makes you stand out a little more from the crowd. If you have your own company you can add your company logo to your kites which allows them to be written off as a business operating expense. How cool is that!

For mainstream companies the opportunity to invest in a flying Billboard is obvious at a fraction of the cost to normal advertising. So far we have worked with many of the World’s leading brands making them kites or making kites for riders sponsored by mainstream brands that see the benefit in Kite sports.

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How do I order?

  • 1. Thats easy, contact your nearest Ozone dealer or country Importer by clicking HERE
  • 2. Our dealer will then email us the info and we will obtain a quote with 5 working days.
  • 3. Once agreed you pay for the Kite & Logo cost so production of the kite can commence.
  • 4. Your order will ship within 2-4 weeks (depending on how busy the factory is) from date payment is received.

What does it cost?

Quotes vary depending on the complexity and size of the logo or design. We can only give a quote once we have the info (see above)

LOGO STUCK: For logos to be stuck onto only 1-2 kites like the snowkites shown, (RedBull, FIAT) we print the logo onto the white rip-stop sticky-back material. Then the logo is cut out and then stuck on the kite. The stickers typically stick very well however we cannot guarantee them for the life of the kite. 

CUT INTO SAIL: As you can see if the logo is not too complicated we can cut into the sail as its single surface (or both surfaces of foil kites). The logos look amazing and the light shines through beautifully. Price depends on the size and how complicated the logo is. Please note that we can only use our standard colour fabrics. Ask your local distributor for feasibility.