Torque V1


Foto: Håkon Mæland
  • All Round Freeride and Freestyle Performance 
  • Medium Rocker and Medium Flex
  • Square Tip Outline with Amazing Pop and Control
  • Intermediate to Advanced Riders
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The Torque is all about progression, it raises the bar for solid edging, ease of loading, power retention and the all important POP factor.

Providing un-compromised performance for freeriders and freestylers, the Torque is ultra smooth and responsive, delivering explosive performance with amazing flex and hold to stick your landings.

The Torque carries the optimum width from the center to the tips, the square tip outline allows for straighter rails that have more surface area to load up against for an insane pop experience, whether you are boosting airs with straps or throwing unhooked moves with boots.

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The medium flex and rocker is a combination of the best of both worlds; soft landing and great upwind drive. A precisely tuned quad concave hull combats chop and keeps the board tracking sharply. 

The feeling, stability and predictability of the Torque means it has never been so easy to progress in all aspects of twin tip riding, go send it and see!

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  • Excepcional construcción de la fábrica de Ozone
    Excepcional construcción de la fábrica de Ozone Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction [Code]

    Fabricamos los productos Ozone de primera clase en nuestra propia fábrica, utilizando materiales de la más alta calidad y controles de calidad comprobados a mano en cada paso. La fábrica de Ozone también manufactura nuestra gama de Parapentes y Speed Wings; los mismos procesos de control de calidad se aplican en todos los productos.

  • Quad Concave Hull
    Quad Concave Hull Quad Concave Hull

    The Quad concave channels water providing incredible tracking and pop without the feeling of being totally locked on a rail. The board remains alive, fun to ride and super smooth in the chop. If you send it hard, the quad concave will help absorb and control fast and heavy landings.

  • Square Tip Outline
    Square Tip Outline Square Tip Outline

    The Square Tip Outline provides excellent edge retention and strong upwind performance allowing you to load massive pop even at lower speed.

  • Continuous Medium Rocker with Medium Flex
    Continuous Medium Rocker with Medium Flex Continuous Medium Rocker with Medium Flex[Torque]

    The continuous medium rocker combined with a medium all-round flex offers a smooth ride with ultimate control in heavy chop, good upwind performance, optimized pop and soft landings.

  • Swallow tips
    Swallow tips Swallow tips [Torque]

    Swallow shaped tips allow a strong edge hold while increasing stability and control when carving. This gives a strong edge hold and positive feel when carving or loading and releasing off the water during a jump.

  • Núcleo de Paulownia de grado A
    Núcleo de Paulownia de grado A A-grade Paulownia Core

    El núcleo premium de Paulownia de grado A ofrece lo último en características de Flex, increíble dureza y peso reducido.

  • Fibra de vidrio de la más alta calidad
    Fibra de vidrio de la más alta calidad Highest Quality Fiberglass

    Precisión en la laminación utilizando capas de fibra de vidrio Biaxial y UD de alta calidad para proporcionar el máximo equilibrio de flexibilidad, respuesta y resistencia.

  • Inserts de acero inoxidable 316 de grado A
    Inserts de acero inoxidable 316 de grado A A-grade 316 Stainless Steel inserts

    Inserts de acero inoxidable 316 de la más alta calidad incrustadas en bloques de ABS. Esta construcción de inserts ofrece una resistencia superior para una navegación potente y el uso de botas.

  • Agarre para GRAB
    Agarre para GRAB Grab Recess

    Agarres en ambos cantos para un mejor agarre mientras haces tus trucos cuando navegas sin asa.

  • Footpads and Straps V2
    Footpads and Straps V2 Footpads and Straps V2

    Having comfortable footpads and straps can be the difference between a good session and a bad one. Our V2 design provides the ultimate balance between performance and comfort to keep the good sessions rolling!

    Our foot straps are ergonomically designed featuring Ultralon Performance Foam® and plush neoprene for the ultimate in comfort and control while providing a precise fit. Ultralon foam has an exceptional resistance to packing out, it doesn’t compress over time and has an outstanding formability enabling anatomical adaptation. Combined with the quick and easy velcro size adjustment, the strap provides a snug fit to all foot shapes and sizes or wetsuit booties.

    We have designed our footpads to provide superior comfort, adaptability and strength. The multi-density foam pads combine a shock absorption base layer and a higher density top layer with precise contouring and texture for increased traction to keep your feet comfortably locked in. The baseplate is built strong with nine strap positions and five stance angle options allowing for uncompromised adaptability.

  • Fins V2
    Fins V2 Fins V2

    Two fin designs offer the choice for solid edge hold or increased freedom. Choose the 45mm size for maximum grip while edging and taking off to boost. The 35mm size is perfect for freestyle riders using boots and for those looking for increased freedom while carving. Our V2 fins are precisely injection molded using advanced glass-filled nylon materials for high strength and wear resistance.

  • Board Handle V2
    Board Handle V2 Board Handle V2

    Strong and durable with a textured underside grip for maximum control during water starts to board offs.

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