Nico Parlier wins National & International

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Having already been crowned World Champ, Hyrdofoil racing extraordinaire Nico Parlier wins on home turf at the French National Kitefoil Championships. Racing with what could be considered as the fastest national fleet worldwide, meant it was was a tough challange for Nico, one that he didn't take lightly and put it the same amount of training and tactical decision making as he would were it an international competition.

Taking place in Almanarre along the stunning south coast, Nico took to the water to race against his fellow training team. The conditions were varied from strong and gusty offshore wind to super light and shifty breeze. 

Here's what Nico had to say about the win:  

Champion de France 2018 ! Très heureux de rester sur la première place de ce podium, sûrement un des championnat national sur lequel le niveau est mondial, c’était pas si facile mais j’ai quand même remporté 5/8 manches, avec 3 belles manches de 2, bravo la team France pour cette bataille ! 

(Translated: French Champion 2018! Very happy to stand on the first place of this podium, although this is a national championship, the level is of high global standard, it was not easy but I managed to win 5/8 bullets, with 3 rounds of 2, Congratulations to team France for this battle!)


Well done Nico on yet another well deserved win!