Flux V1

Don't Get Left Behind!

The all new Flux V1 is the wing to get you across the line first. Perfectly orienting proven, cutting edge materials, our designers have made a wing with extreme aerodynamic performance, huge speed potential and a massive sweet spot.

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Flying fast, bred to shred

  • Drastically reduced drag improves all areas of performance
  • Sensational air speed and immense power management
  • High-aspect-ratio design with swept-leading edge planform for incredible glide
  • Super-direct connection via ergonomic carbon fibre handles with EVA grip
  • Exotically featured, material enriched, super-fast and fun

After almost 80 prototypes, the Flux flies faster than any wing we’ve ever made.
Not only does it create more immediate power, but the Flux’s precisely tightened canopy structure can now hold and manage far more wind. Load it up and the Flux will keep its shape and create more usable power instead of deforming.

Ride with the type of freedom that’s only possible when you drastically reduce the feeling of drag in a wing.

All you need to do is maintain a comfortable riding position while the Flux automatically shifts seamlessly through its gears; accelerating harder through the wind to allow you to push your limits beyond expectation.

The Flux is better for all types of riding that I do. The stability and rigidity of the sail shape along with reduced drag provide obvious performance benefits when riding with power from the wing, but the improvement is just as noticeable during transitions and when flagged out wave riding.

JOHNNY HEINEKEN, double kite racing world champion & pacific coast wingfoil champion 2023

Made for this: it’s time to get better at everything

Trying to imagine the performance possibilities in a rapidly evolving sport like wingfoiling is a mind blowing task as riders continue to demand an expansion of their wing’s remit and capabilities.

Enter the Flux…

If you want to outpace the pack, jump higher, rip waves more freely or simply blast hard and fast across the open ocean, the Flux is supercharged with incredible air speed and power management. Add in the super-connected handling feel and then get ready to enjoy mind-altering sessions.

‘FLUX’ (n).

1: Continuous movement and change

2: The action or process of flowing


We knew it was time to throw everything into developing a wing to deliver the type of true high-performance that matters to most wingers; speed and control, because every aspect of your own performance stems from there.

The aim was to design a product to fuel riders’ confidence levels in stronger conditions, but the Flux goes far beyond that; it delivers an entirely new sense of connection so you can engage more completely with the wind at both ends of its strength spectrum.

The Flux V1 features more panels than any other wing in our range to help reach the ideal load bearing structure and a super tight canopy for next level handling.

Each size in the range has an optimised shape to ensure you feel like you’re riding the same family of designs. Whether charging super high into wind on the smaller sizes, or holding more wind than you could imagine on the bigger sizes, every Flux model will help you ride faster and in more control.

The advantages of using a wing with less drag and reduced luffing will continue to reveal itself as your moves flow far more sweetly.


Our aim with every product is to make them fly as efficiently as possible but not at the expense of balancing the belief that our customers should be buying the best made product possible.

Owning our own factory in Vietnam that exclusively makes Ozone products offers real freedom in design.

Accelerating aerodynamic performance requires a complex blend of material selection with an intricate understanding of their implementation. Having 100% access to the factory gives our designers a unique advantage when it comes to understanding material application.

For a super high performance model like the Flux, it’s not only the materials themselves, but the intricate positioning and then handmade craftsmanship by our expert team of sewers that are key to the Flux’s superior aerodynamic handling.

While much of the design journey through the 80+ prototypes was about finding the magic point at which all these elements work in harmony, there are five features outlined below that really supercharge the handling in the Flux and help create its bigger sweet spot.


Say goodbye to baggy canopy cloth and hello to more performance and a longer lasting shape.
Using a performance Dacron material that is rigid and strong has allowed our designers to pre-load the leading edge and shape it to experience drastically less deformation under load.

Combined with optimised sail shaping and horizontal panels for a tighter canopy, the Flux delivers huge aerodynamic performance gains.

We have developed a new way to add tension to the leading edge. When we then put the sail on to the leading edge it transfers the tension into the sail, making it tight and clean. When we finally cracked that part of the puzzle, it was a major breakthrough in controlling the sail though the angle of attack range. You can, of course, have too much tension leading to deformation, it’s a fine balance.



The 125g performance Dacron of the leading edge is also used in the strut and further accentuates the superb rigidity in the frame. In combination with the new rigid handles the connection levels feel like you’re part of the wind!

Buckling under pressure is now far less of a concern and the Flux’s pre-loaded leading edge and stiffened strut work sublimely well in partnership with the other design features. A new, bigger sweet spot in handling will allow you to find more control in stronger conditions, point higher into the wind, reach higher speeds and also pump with greater efficiency, which makes the wing’s bottom end even more potent.

When a wing luffs too much it can push down and impact your technique. The canopy is very clean and taut on the Flux. During the later R&D stages we knew we were closing in on our goal of making a wing that is rigid, tight and clean, to be as smooth and predictable as possible during all manoeuvres.



The leading edge features a high cell count which creates a more perfectly curved shape, resulting in a purer aerofoil.

The Flux is also designed with many more horizontal panels in the sail itself, distributing the load better along the warp of the fabric. From strut to tip, each seam creates a stronger line connection in the sail and takes more of the load, reducing canopy stretch.

We build natural strength into our products and therefore, more often than not, you’ll find our designs are lighter than even our competitors’ ‘exclusive’ reduced weight designs. Read more under in the ‚Born Light‘ tab.


Ergonomically angled front and back carbon fibre handles with EVA grip provide maximum control and comfort with incredible feel and response.

The front handle mount features a soft bumper to protect your head and board during water starts.


Positioned specifically where canopy loads are greatest, a new, stronger canopy material on the leading and trailing edges provides a force field shield around the central mainsail section.

Channelling greater forces and helping to create a cleaner foil, further advantages are the reduced stretch and the fact that the Flux will maintain a better wing shape over its lifespan.


The capacity of this wing is almost endless by today’s standards. You simply have to experience how it continues to hold and process more and more power, opening up your riding potential beyond comparison.

The Flux is for riders who want to get up to blistering speeds and enjoy staggering aerodynamic performance, for jumping, carving, wave riding, racing and everything in between.

The Flux V1 is designed with the best materials in a high aspect ratio and swept leading edge planform to deliver explicit new levels of speed and control.


  • Secure, in control, and ready to push it!
  • Big wind range! Very good power generation in light wind conditions while being easy to handle in high winds
  • Less drag and better stability for over-head manoeuvres such as tacks and gybes
  • Excellent back-winging ability due to tight sail
  • Excellent racing performance; fast, powerful, max upwind and downwind angles
  • Good jumping performance with excellent speed and power into the boost and lift on the glide down
  • Super stable with low drag for wave riding
  • Higher performance, less physical demands


  • High Aspect ratio design with swept leading edge planform
  • Reduced span in the larger sizes to keep wing tips from interfering with water surface
  • Pre-loaded leading edge with optimised sail shaping for a tighter canopy
  • Horizontal canopy panels and adjoining seams optimise load distribution through warp and weft of the material, improving feeling and reducing material stretch
  • New, stronger canopy material used along the leading and trailing edge to reduce canopy stretch which results in a better shape of the wing over its lifespan
  • Optimised window position for yours and other riders’ safety
  • The leading edge and strut are made from a performance Dacron that’s 20% lighter than conventional Dacron
  • Ergonomically angled, rigid carbon handles with EVA grip
  • Soft bumper on front handle mount to protect your board and head
  • Knuckle-guard on leading edge de-power/surf handle
  • Lightweight anti-flap fibreglass battens reduce canopy flutter on trailing edge
Handgelenkschlaufe zum Wingen (optional)

Handgelenkschlaufe zum Wingen (optional)

Die Handschlaufe wird per Klettverschluss befestigt und verfügt über eine weiche und bequeme Neopren-Innenschicht. Sie lässt sich via Schlaufe zu Schlaufe Verbindung an die Leashleine anknüpfen, sodass Du, wenn Du überpowert bist, oder die Kontrolle verlierst, einfach den Wing loslassen kannst und er depowert an der Leashleine ausweht. Die Handgelenkschlaufe ist separat erhältlich.

Überlappende Flachnähte

Überlappende Flachnähte

Die überlappende Flachnahtkonstruktion verbessert die Segelkontrolle, was zu einem insgesamt sauberer gespannten Segel führt.



Ein Ventil mit großer Volumenstromkapazität sowohl an der Leading Edge als auch an der Strut machen Aufblasen und Zusammenpacken zu einem Kinderspiel.

Kabelbaum Leitungsanschluss

Kabelbaum Leitungsanschluss

Eine Gurtleine kann um die Lenkerhalterungen oder das Rohr herum befestigt werden, um die individuellen Bedürfnisse des Fahrers zu berücksichtigen.

Aerodynamische Scheuerleisten mit niedrigem Profil

Aerodynamische Scheuerleisten mit niedrigem Profil

Stoßstangen an der Vorderkante sind oft große und unnötige kosmetische Gegenstände. Bei Ozone bauen wir unsere Kites und Schirme für Leistung und Langlebigkeit unter Verwendung der besten verfügbaren Materialien und Komponenten. Für alle Bereiche, die einen Scheuerschutz benötigen, verwenden wir ein leichtes, strapazierfähiges Material mit hervorragender Abriebfestigkeit, das gleichzeitig ein niedriges Profil aufweist, um den Luftwiderstand zu verringern und die Leistung zu erhalten.



Der De-Power/Surf Handle an der Vorderseite der Leading Edge bietet mehr Kontrolle beim einhändigen Fliegen des Schirms und verfügt über eine weiche Knöchelpolsterung für zusätzlichen Komfort.

Flügelgurtzeug (optional)

Flügelgurtzeug (optional)

Unser Wing Harness Line ist schnell und einfach zu installieren und hat ein schlankes und leichtes Design mit einem internen Bungee, das sich zusammenzieht, wenn es nicht eingehakt ist, um nicht im Weg zu sein.

Verstärkte Anströmkante und Strebe

Verstärkte Anströmkante und Strebe

Die Leading Edge und die Struts sind in stark beanspruchten Bereichen verstärkt, um sicherzustellen, dass die Kitekappe in Form bleibt und ihre beste Leistung erbringt.

Direct Connect Strebe

Direct Connect Strebe

Unsere Direct-Connect-Bauweise verbessert die Lastverteilung zwischen Anströmkante, Strebe und Kabinenhaube. Die Strebe ist mit inneren und äußeren Verstärkungen direkt mit der Vorderkante verbunden. Diese einzigartige Konstruktionsmethode gewährleistet saubere Profile mit optimaler Kappenspannung.

Interne Verstärkungen

Interne Verstärkungen

Auch die Innenseite zählt - interne Verstärkungen für verbesserte Festigkeit und Haltbarkeit, wie z. B. eine doppellagige Dacron + Insignia getapte Leading Edge-Schließnaht mit hochfesten Fäden.

Entworfen mit OZ-CAD

Entworfen mit OZ-CAD

Die Zukunft ist jetzt. Alle Ozone Kites und Flügel werden mit unserer eigenen, hochentwickelten CAD-Software entworfen, die wir bei jedem neuen Produktdesign kontrollieren und modifizieren. Durch speziell zugeschnittene technische Entwicklungen können unsere Designer die Leistung maximieren und gleichzeitig den Abfall minimieren.



Strategisch entlang der Hinterkante positionierte Glasfaserleisten verbessern die Kappenspannung und reduzieren das Flattern der Kappe - das verbessert die Leistung, gibt dem Fahrer Feedback und reduziert den Verschleiß des Kappenmaterials.

Starre Power-Griffe

Starre Power-Griffe

Ergonomisch abgewinkelte Griffe aus Kohlefaser mit EVA-Griff bieten maximale Kontrolle und Komfort mit unglaublichem Gefühl und Reaktionsvermögen. Die vordere Griffhalterung ist mit einem weichen Stoßfänger ausgestattet, der Kopf und Board bei Wasserstarts schützt.

Vorgeladene Vorderkante

Vorgeladene Vorderkante

Durch die Verwendung eines hochleistungsfähigen Dacron-Materials, das steif und fest ist, konnten unsere Konstrukteure die Vorderkante vorspannen und so formen, dass sie sich unter Last deutlich weniger verformt.

In Kombination mit einer optimierten Segelform und horizontalen Paneelen für eine engere Kappe bietet das Flux enorme aerodynamische Leistungssteigerungen.

Horizontale Paneele

Horizontale Paneele

Horizontale Vordachbahnen und angrenzende Nähte optimieren die Lastverteilung durch Kette und Schuss des Materials, verbessern das Tragegefühl und verringern die Materialdehnung.

20% leichteres und steiferes Performance Dacron

20% leichteres und steiferes Performance Dacron

Das 125g Performance Dacron der Eintrittskante wird auch in der Strebe verwendet. In Kombination mit den neuen starren Griffen fühlen sich die Verbindungsebenen an, als wären Sie Teil des Windes!

Easy View Fenster

Easy View Fenster

Große Blickfenster auf beiden Seiten der Strut bieten dir und Anderen um dich herum mehr Überblick und Sicherheit.

Vorteil des Fabrikbesitzes

Vorteil des Fabrikbesitzes

Ozone besitzt eine eigene Fabrik, in der alle Kites, Wings, Boards, Hydrofoils, Gleitschirme, Speed Wings und Zubehör hergestellt werden. Die handgeprüfte Qualitätskontrolle und die Verwendung der besten Materialien bei jedem Arbeitsschritt garantieren hervorragende Arbeitsbedingungen für alle 1000 Mitarbeiter.



Der Hüftgurt ist schlank und leicht, mit einem stabilen Schnallenverschluss und einer Schnalle zur Größeneinstellung. Sie wird über eine Schlaufenverbindung mit der Leash Line verbunden. Wenn du übermüdet bist oder die Kontrolle verlierst, lass den Schirm los und er wird an der Leash Line entmüdet. Unsere Flügel werden standardmäßig mit einem an der Leine befestigten Taillengurt geliefert.

Unique bladder construction

Unique bladder construction

Our bladders are constructed in-house with advanced custom built welding machines. Double layered sections are applied to any potential wear areas.

Swivel Leash Line

Swivel Leash Line

The Swivel Leash Line features a strong Dyneema line with internal bungee core and an ultra light Stainless Steel swivel to keep the leash twist free. It connects to the wings Leading Edge via a loop-to-loop connection and can easily be removed if necessary.

Wing Quick Release (Optional)

Wing Quick Release (Optional)

The easy to use Quick Release is for riders who prefer extra security to detach from the wing in a fast and easy way. It is compatible with the Wing Waist Leash or a harness. The Wing Quick Release is sold separately.

At Ozone we have always believed in designing lightness and strength into our paragliders, kites and now wings, to be as efficient in flight as possible.

Naturally, the lighter the wing is, the better it will fly. The stronger it is, the longer its performance will last.

We avoid adding surplus features or unnecessary cosmetic items to our designs and use top of the line materials put through a rigorous testing programme.

If you compare the weights of any Ozone kite or wing against the most dedicated light weight specific products produced by our competitors, you’ll see that all our products are just born light. Even on our entry level designs we don’t compromise the handling benefits that airborne products undoubtedly have through being lighter.

Combined with cutting edge manufacturing and highly skilled craftspeople our designs are; Born Light, Genetically Strong.

Technical, performant, durable and efficient – the lightness and strength is built in.


The Flux is a culmination of all that we’ve learnt through more than two decades of Ozone running its own factory that builds paragliders, wingsuits, kites, wings and accessories. A thousand highly trained employees apply their skills across nine factory floors, including the dedicated prototyping department that operates full time. The turnaround on ideas into physical products is super fast and allows for the development of strong, lightweight and perfectly trimmed products, like the Flux, to come to life.


There is no cloak and dagger secret to the Flux’s intense high performance levels; instead our designers capitalise on having 100% access to the factory to try new ideas and then produce as many prototypes as it takes to make products feel just right.

We haven’t used any material that’s unique to Ozone, and we’ve not had the marketing team conjure up a futuristic sounding new name for what is essentially lighter weight Dacron and stronger canopy material. We simply take all we know, choose the best proven materials and place the highest priority on aerodynamic evolution.

Ozone not only owns all its own production processes in the factory but also in design. Our highly advanced, custom built OzCAD software was re-worked specifically for the Flux from the ground up and means that our designers intimately understand every square inch of pressure exerted in each size of the wing. Part of our design team is dedicated to the upgrade of the CAD code as well as the addition of new modules and features to the program as the development of our products continues.

Thank you for purchasing this Ozone product. Our mission is to design and build quality products with cutting edge performance that are easy, fun and safe to use.

At Ozone we are passionate about sports, and it is this passion that drives our design team to perfect and develop products that we love to ride with. We are proud of the quality of our products, and are constantly searching for the best components and materials to use in our designs. We manufacture in our own high-quality production facility in Vietnam, which guarantees a build quality that we are proud to put the Ozone name on. A close look at one of our products reveals that same superior quality and construction that ensures that every Ozone product will enjoy a long life, with consistent performance and aesthetics. To view the factory video visit our website www.flyozone.com. Many dynamic action sports carry inherent risks but with common sense and education from qualified instructors means you can easily enjoy these incredible sports. Accidents generally happen due to a lack of experience, changing weather conditions or from using equipment not suited to the riders’ ability and/or conditions. Always take the time to learn safely with qualified instruction and you will progress far quicker. Ride safe Team Ozone

Release of Liability


By assembling and/or using this Ozone product, you agree that you have read and understood the entire Ozone product owners manual, including all instructions and warnings contained in that manual, prior to using the Ozone product in any way. You additionally agree that you will ensure any additional or subsequent user of your Ozone product will read and understand the entire Ozone product owners manual, including all instructions and warnings contained in that manual, prior to allowing that person to use your Ozone product.


Use of the Ozone product and any of its components involve certain risks, dangers, and hazards which can result in serious personal injury and death to both the user and to non-user third parties. In using this Ozone product, you freely agree to assume and accept any and all known and unknown risks of injury to you and third parties while using this equipment. The risks inherent in this sport can be greatly reduced by abiding by the warning guidelines listed in this owner manual and by using common sense.


In consideration of the sale of the Ozone product to you, you herby agree to the fullest extent permitted by law, as follows;

TO WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS that you have or may in the future have against Ozone Kitesurf LTD or Ozone Kites LTD and all related parties resulting from use of the Ozone product and any of its components.

TO RELEASE Ozone Kitesurf LTD or Ozone Kites LTD and all related parties from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that you or any users of you Ozone product may suffer, or that your next of kin may suffer, as a result of the use of the Ozone product, due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence or breach of contract on the part of Ozone Kitesurf LTD or Ozone Kites LTD and all related parties in the design or manufacture of the Ozone product and any of its components.

In the event of your death or incapacity, all provisions contained herein shall be effective and binding upon your heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns, and representatives. Ozone Kitesurf LTD or Ozone Kites LTD related parties have not made and expressly deny and oral or written representations other than what is set forth herein and the Ozone product owners manual.


Ozone warrants this product according to the laws in force against any major manufacturing defect. This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

  • The warranty is valid only when the product is used for its intended use, and does not cover products used in rental or teaching operations.
  • Ozone will make the final warranty determination, which may require inspection and/or photos of the equipment, which clearly show the defect(s). If necessary, this information must be sent to the Ozone dealer, postage prepaid.
  • If a product is deemed to be defective by Ozone, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the defective product only.
  • Ozone will not be responsible for any costs, losses, or damages incurred as a result of loss of use of this product. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or normal wear and tear including but not limited to; assembling with other than Ozone components, damage due to excessive sun exposure, damage caused by improper handling or storage, and damage caused by anything other than defects in material and workmanship.
  • This warranty is voided if any unauthorized repair, change or modification has been made to any part of the equipment. The warranty for any repaired or replaced equipment is good from the date of the original purchase only. The original purchase receipt must accompany all warranty claims.
  • The name of the retailer and date of purchase must be clear and legible.
  • There are no warranties that extend beyond the warranty specified herein.


  • Warranty claims must be sent to Ozone by an official Ozone dealer or country distributor.
  • Warranty claims must be processed and be issued a return authorization prior to shipping to the Ozone dealer the product was purchased from.


  • Always use extreme caution when using this product.

  • Misuse of this product can cause serious injury or death.

  • Only use this product if you are in good physical health.

  • Never act in a careless manner when using this product (such as jumping in the air, or tying yourself down).

  • You are responsible for your own safety, and the safety of others around you when using this product.

  • If you are under 18 you should have your parents or legal guardian read these warnings and instructions. You should not use this product unless you are under proper guidance and supervision.

  • The use of this product exposes the user to many unavoidable and unexpected risks, dangers and hazards.

  • Do not use this product if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.

  • Before using this product you must take lessons from a certified instructor/school.

  • Always wear a helmet when using this product.

  • This product is not a personal flotation device. Always wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device when using this product near the water.

  •  Always carefully inspect all of your equipment before using it.

  • Never allow anyone who is not familiar with this product to use it without experienced assistance.

  • This product is equipped with user operated release systems, which need to be activated by the user to work.

  • The leash system is not a permanent attachment to this product. Never permanently attach yourself to the product or any of its components.

  • This manual refers to the current product it comes with. No information contained herein applies to previous and/or other products. Always read and understand all warnings and instructions for any other product being used. To view previous product manuals go to www.flyozone.com

Choose safe weather conditions:

  • Never learn to use this product in more than 10 knots of wind.
  • We highly recommend you purchase a wind speed indicator to be able to measure wind speeds.
  • Never use this product in high winds.
  • Never use this product in thunderstorm and lightning conditions.
  • Only use this product when you can remain in a standing position.
  • Never use this product in wind conditions that are above your ability level.
  • Never use this product near or on the water in offshore wind conditions.

Choose a safe location:

  • Always observe local rules and regulations when using this product.
  • Do not use this product near other people or pets. Spectators should remain upwind of you when using this product.
  • Never use this product on crowded beaches or fields.
  • Never use this product near the water unless you know how to swim and are in good physical health.
  • Practice self rescue techniques before using this product near the water.

Set Up:

  • Attach the pump leash to the wing, around the leash line connection loop.
  • Inflate the Strut first.
  • Check the valve is clean and free from sand/grit around the rubber seal.
  • Screw the valve in firmly to the base.
  • Open the top valve cap.
  • Inflate using the IN valve.
  • Refer to the recommended inflation pressures located next to the Leading Edge and Strut inflate/deflate valves.
  • Do not over inflate above the recommendation.
  • Do not under inflate or it will not perform as designed.
  • Close the top valve cap. Double check the valve is tightened firm and is sealing.
  • Close the protection cover.
  • Repeat inflation steps for the Leading Edge.
  • Never leave unattended without securing the wing. If needed attach the leash to a sand bag, board, or a weight/solid object to secure the wing.


Always use the Leash. Attach it before you start.

  • Wrap the Waist Strap around your waist and close the buckle.
  • Adjust to fit snug around your waist
  • If you become overpowered or loose control let go of the wing, it will de-power on the leash line.
  • If you need to completely free yourself from the wing undo the Waist Strap. Be aware the wing will likely become out of reach.

First Use

  • Never learn to use this product in more than 10 knots of wind.
  • The wing has a de-power handle on the Leading Edge and power handles on the Strut.
  • When carrying the wing use the de-power handle.
  • To practice sheeting the wing for power, first take hold of the front power handle, then reach back to take hold of a rear power handle.
  • Sheet the wing in to power up, and out to de-power.
  • Practice sheeting the wing in and out to feel how the power is generated.
  • Practice handling the wing on land before going in the water.

Water Self Rescue

  • Turn the wing to face the power handles upwards.
  • Open the Leading Edge OUT valve to deflate.
  • Fold the wing tip on tip then roll to the centre.
  • Screw the valve back in to seal the bladder.
  • Open the Strut OUT valve to deflate.
  • Make sure no water enters the valves while they are open.
  • Fold the wing in two or three sections.
  • Screw the valve back in to seal the bladder.
  • Wrap the leash line around the wing to keep it secured.
  • Wrap the waist strap around the wing, close the buckle and tighten to secure.
  • Paddle/swim back to shore with your board and wing.
  • In case you become separated from your board we recommend leaving the strut inflated for buoyancy.


  • Open the OUT valves. The large valves dump air quickly.
  • Roll one side of the wing to the centre.
  • Squeeze all air out from the strut.
  • Roll up the opposite side of the wing to the centre.
  • Screw the valves back in a few turns and close the protection covers.
  • Fold in sections from the trailing edge to fit into the bag.

If packing on the water, after rolling the wing up, screw the valves back in to seal the bladders to avoid water entering.

Product Care

This is a technical product used in harsh outdoor environments.
Use common sense and care for your equipment.

Never inflate this product on a rough surface.

Inflate slowly and ensure the bladders are inflating correctly. If you see a twist or something looks strange stop pumping immediately and check bladders. They may need re-inserting to ensure they inflate properly.

Once you have inflated secure the product. Do not use heavy objects. Boards and fins can damage the material.

Never leave this product un-used for long periods of time in the sun and wind. UV, canopy flapping due to wind, sand etc hitting the sailcloth can all severely shorten the products lifespan.

Never pack this product wet, only when completely dry. Packing wet can damage the material and its coatings and may lead to dye running. This is not valid for warranty.

Never leave this product inside a car or in direct sunlight.


We supply a repair kit with the following contents:

1. A4 pieces of sail cloth

2. A4 piece of Dacron

3. 1 x length of 50mm wide sticky black repair tape

4. 6” x 3” Tear-Aid bladder repair patch

5. 2 Alcohol wipes

If you have a major repair like a tear across panels, struts or the leading edge take the kite to your local sail repair shop. For minor tears and bladder punctures you can easily fix these yourself with the repair kit supplied with the kite.

Watch repair and maintenance videos