Ryland Blakeney

Fotos + Video

Country: Australia

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: Reo

Nickname: Ry, Ry Cracker or just Crackers

Date of Birth: 1 July 82

Nationality: ozzie

Website: www.rylandblakeney.com

Link to your latest video: http://vimeo.com/64049949

Discipline(s): surf

Competitive Highlights: 1st at the last 4 west oz state titles

Home spot: scarbs

Favourite Spots: west oz and indo- not giving away and secrets but!!!!

Favourite Gear: Reo’s and Firewire boards

Favourite Moves: barrels and airs

More important than kiting: my wife, my 3 awesome kids and my family

Inspiration: surf vids of guys like dane and taj

What do you do in free time: surf

What’s on your iPod: Rage against the machine, Flume, Millencollin, Pennywise and a bunch of other stuff

Why Ozone? Why not ozone- their Reo wave kite is kick arse and built with quality in mind!

What was your best kite moment? Probally kiting big cloudbreak- pretty special day we scored it solid and windy!

What was your best life moment? Seeing my first child born

How would you change the world? If more people kited there would be less violence!!!!

What would be your ideal day? Surf in morning, hang with kids, kite in arvo, then beers watching sunset- finished off with sex at night, haha

Interesting saying: If you give a man a gun he will rob a bank, give a man a bank and he will rob the world!!!