Pete Foulkes World Record

Pete smashes buggy distance World Record with Chrono kites

Fotos + Video

Hi Team
The kite buggy World record for the furthest distance travelled in the dunes 12hrs was held by Sand Yeti in Dubai for years at a distance of 182 km.
Mooseland NZ is our slice of heaven when it comes to kiting dunes, we drive there Friday arvo and camp the night. Saturday morning the wind is trucking in at 15 to 20 knots WSW perfect.  6.40, a sunrise start, armed with the 7m prototype Chrono I start clocking up the kms as the sun floats past, well plus some black clouds, rain and hail but this awesome Chrono not stopping for any of it.
7hrs, as the GPS goes past 182kms, I'm glad to break the record but a little sorry for taking it from Sand Yeti.
8hrs, just over 200 kms, I'm starting to feel the pain of bouncing over dunes all day.  It's 20 + knots now, so I change kites to the 5m Chrono proto for the home straight (the last 4 hours).The power of these kites is so smooth and stable the ability to depower for every bump or turn gives these kites the winning edge.
Well, the sun is now heading to beer o'clock and my 12 hours of fun is done with 309 kms to show for a day work.
Special thanks, to the Ozone team and my support team, Lawrence, Rexton, Deano and Conrad.
Team rider Pete Foulkes aka Gannet