Mark Van den Berg - Dutch Buggy Champion

Mark Van den Berg is the new Dutch Buggy Champion for 2015

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During the weekend of 13 & 14th of  June, Buggyclub Holland hosted the closing race of this season on Texel. Texel is one of the five big islands The Netherlands has and is famous amongst buggiers for the big beach on the north side.

Dutch champ 2015!

On Thursday evening I arrived on Texel with my girlfriend. After quickly putting up the tent on the campsite, we went to the beach so I could do a short but windy evening session! The day after the wind dropped and temperatures were rising. A nice 12 knots and 27 degrees centigrade made for a perfect day for some testing with the new Ozone R1 11m, on of my new kites for next season. A little underpowered, I soon found out this kite is AWESOME. Filling with air very rapidly, great upwind and downwind performance, thanks to the Optimised Leading Edge air intake valves which really work great. After a good day at the beach we had a BBQ with some other pilots and did some final preparation for the race on Saturday.

Saturday morning we met with David and Robert. The weather conditions were quite hard, gusty wind, a soft beach and from time to time we also had some rain. The raceleaders decided to start anyway and I went out on a Chrono 7 prototype, David took off with his new Edge V8 and Robert was flying the Quantum 4m. During the first race I was a bit underpowered and saw David was leading all the race taking a first place. I ended third. As it started to rain harder the racemaster decided to take an hour break so everyone could warm up in the beachclub.

After the break we did another race, the wind picked up and so did the rain. My kite was perfect now, making me able to take first place, just in front of David. After another race for the open class there was a briefing for the final master race of the day. We had even more wind now, gusting up to 35 knots during the race I went out on the 7 as it was the smallest kite I had with me. During this race I once again noticed the big advantage depower kites have. As I saw people around me getting lifted out from their buggy with 3sqm kites I was still able to fly my 7 and go faster up and downwind, making turns without any trouble. Again I was able to take first place, David ended on second place again.

Sunday morning the wind was gone completely. The racemasters decided to cancel the race and set up the prize giving. During the weekend I took first place, David ended up second and Third place was for Eric Leegwater.

As this was the last weekend for the Dutch championship 2014-2015 this was also the day Dutch champions were announced. With a advantage of around 25 points I took first place and became Dutch champion! Dennis Aalbers took second place. Third place was for Joost Nieskens this year. Robert Smits took 8th place this year on his Ozone Quantums, qualifying himself for the European Championship this year!

Thanks to Ozone for their awesome support, the great kites and gear made it possible for me to get my first national title. Also a big shoutout to David and Robert for the great team spirit and fun times this season! Can’t wait to have some good racing next season with my new Ozone R1’s!

See u on the beach! Mark van den Berg