French Buggy Championships

Thierry Guibal takes podium

Fotos + Video

Here some news from the three French pilots qualified for the French National Championship: Thierry Guibal, Alexis Verhaeghe and Thomas Bouzerand.

The French Nation Championship took place at Fromentine, during these three days we rode with on-shore wind and a range from 10 to 20 knots. The beach was covered with water, which was ideal for our disk wheels. Seven rounds have been launched on a circuit with two marks, one at the south and one at the north of the beach.

A word from Thierry:

For the first time I came to a national Championship without the idea of riding my Quantum because since I’ve tried the Chrono it isn’t a great pleasure to ride with handle kites any longer. Luckily Alexis had a Chrono 18m which he offered me to take for the race. I was also able to ride Thomas’ Chrono 15m when he used his Quantums.

Following the wind direction which fluctuated from west to southwest, the circuit offered various choices of trajectories and the Chrono was really efficient in that kind of exercise.

After seven rounds I finished 4th place, and came 3rd French pilot which made me climb the podium. The Chrono is really efficient and I can’t wait to fly the new R1.

A word from Alexis: 

After these seven rounds I finished 11th overall and 1st young. Thanks to my club mates we reached the 1st place of club table for the second year. These results made me reach the 8th rank of national pilots, I am qualified in National Team for the European Championship in La Panne.

After the race, which I made with my Quantum, I tried the Chrono 18m and 15m. Thanks to advice from Thomas and Thierry, I was able to fly it really easily! And now I can confirm all I heard about these kites: very stable, safe, extraordinarily fast. I can’t wait to spend more time using the Chrono to discover all its potential.

A word from Thomas:

After almost a year riding my Chrono 15m, I wanted to make a better result than last year (I was ranked 20th). Helped by my amazing Chrono, I have made several good places, one really nice 2nd place and twice 3rd place. The downwind using the Chrono was amazingly fast! The upwind efficiency of the Chrono is also far better than other handle kites!

When the wind force increased, I had to switch back to my Quantums. Using them I’ve also made good places, between 10th and 5th with the 5m and 6.3m Quantum, but unfortunately not enough to take the 3rd place!

At the end I finished 5th overall and 4th French pilot, with only 1 point between Thierry and me!

At this French National Championship I’ve reached my objectives thanks to the Chrono! I also ordered the new R1 for the next season! Can’t wait for it!

We all want to thanks the entire organization, volunteers and of course Ozone for these amazing kites!