European Kitebuggy Championships 2015

Ozone Podiums!

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Ozone is rocking the European Kitebuggy Championship 2015!

Last weekend, the European kitebuggy Championship was held in Oostduinkerke, Belgium from 18th of September until the 22nd of September. The beach is known for the large amounts of water puddles and bumps in the sand, so it promised to be an exciting week!

First day the wind was right onshore blowing around 20 knots. We had our first race briefing at 8:30 and started the race right after. Mark and David were out on the Ozone R1 8, Dennis was driving the Chrono 9 and Robert went out on his Quantum 5. Ending the first race with Mark on 2nd place, followed by Dennis and David on 3rd and 4th place! The second race started with the same conditions making David end on 3rd place, Dennis followed in fifth place. Mark had a nasty crash followed by a flat tire so had already had this one as a discard for the Championship. Last race ended in a sixth place for Mark, 11th for David and Dennis lost his rear wheel in the last race so ended up in 42th place. This day David ended in 2nd place.

Due to the low wind conditions on Sunday, we didn't race. On monday we met on the beach with gusty offshore winds. Mark and David went out on the R1 11, Dennis and Robert took the Chrono 12. After three good races Dennis ended on second place for the day, Mark ended third. David had some bad luck and lost his 2nd overall position he had on the first day.

The weather forecast for Tuesday was rain, thunder and a light offshore winds. When we arrived at the beach in heavy rain, it was clear that conditions were really bad. The racemaster announced that with these conditions, the jury and himself decided to cancel the races for the day, and the Championship itself.

European Champion: Dennis Aalbers (Ozone)

Vice European Champion: Mark van den Berg (Ozone)

6th: David Van Boven (Ozone)

7th: Maximilian Thomes (Ozone)

20th: Alexis Verhaeghe (Ozone)

23rd: Robert Smits (Ozone)

27th: Pete Stinson (Ozone)

29th: Tommy Grierson (Ozone)