Board Leash


Whatever conditions you may find yourself kitesurfing, wingfoiling, surfing or SUPing in, the Ozone board leash will keep you connected to help you ride with confidence

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built without compromise

As with all Ozone products, the leashes are built without compromise and are available in straight or coiled cords in different lengths and thicknesses, with ankle or calf cuff options to suit all rider preferences.

Available options:

  • Ankle or calf cuffs
  • Straight cord: 6mm or 8mm thick, 6′ long
  • Coiled cord: 8mm thick, 8′ or 10’ long

Did you know?

Coiled leashes with calf connections have proved popular with many wingfoilers and stand-up paddlers? This set-up helps prevent the leash getting tangled round a rider’s feet as much when getting up onto the board from a kneeling start. A straight cord is the more classic surfer and wave kiter set-up.


  • Highest quality TPU cord
  • Ultra strong Hypalon reinforced cuff
  • Soft internal neoprene padding
  • Dual stainless steel swivels
  • High quality webbing rail saver
  • Key pocket in cuff